BAM BASSIN' Kayak Fishing Club

BAM Bassin' is a Kayak Bass Fishing Club that is representing the State of Louisiana.  We mainly focus on the Southern parts of the State but are planning to branch out to the entire state soon!  

Club Members

Austin Thomas
Austin ThomasA. Thomas
Avg. Length 12.61"
Total Fish Caught 38
Nick Chabarria
Nick ChabarriaN. Chabarria
Avg. Length 15.88"
Total Fish Caught 36
Mitchell Deslatte
Mitchell DeslatteM. Deslatte
Avg. Length 13.71"
Total Fish Caught 17
Dennis AdamsD. Adams
Avg. Length 12.63"
Total Fish Caught 10
Mark Barker
Mark BarkerM. Barker
Avg. Length 12.92"
Total Fish Caught 25
Michael Clawson
TourneyX Michael ClawsonM. Clawson
Avg. Length 12.53"
Total Fish Caught 9
Derek Weber
Derek WeberD. Weber
Avg. Length 13.5"
Total Fish Caught 1
Jay Love
Jay LoveJ. Love
Avg. Length 12.33"
Total Fish Caught 3
Dustin Michel
Dustin MichelD. Michel
Avg. Length 12.86"
Total Fish Caught 9
Ricky Ogea II
Ricky Ogea IIR. Ogea II
Avg. Length 16.42"
Total Fish Caught 3

Club Director

Club Calendar