Bank Liners Fishing

Lubbock , TX
No boat- No problem!
Getting fishing anglers together from "afar" for some friendly competition. Social distancing at its best.  
This club by Bank Liners Fishing will be having a combination of fishing tourneys. "Take-it-to-the-banks" tourney name will only be from the banks.  Bank Liners  Fishing will be boat & bank fishing. Bank Liners will also hold crappie tourneys . 
Lets have some fun and meet new friends!
Fish On my friends!

Club Members

Matthew Thompson
TourneyX Matthew ThompsonM. Thompson
Avg. Length 20.08"
Total Fish Caught 6
adrian livingstonA. Livingston
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Harry White
Harry WhiteH. White
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Brandon Kirkes
Brandon KirkesB. Kirkes
Avg. Length 13.41"
Total Fish Caught 506
Kevyn Sills
Kevyn SillsK. Sills
Avg. Length 10.91"
Total Fish Caught 41
Caleb Kelly
TourneyX Caleb KellyC. Kelly
Avg. Length 12.06"
Total Fish Caught 118
Jadice Morrison
TourneyX Jadice MorrisonJ. Morrison
Avg. Length 14.52"
Total Fish Caught 70
Tyler Bachmeyer
Tyler BachmeyerT. Bachmeyer
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Michael Press
Michael PressM. Press
Avg. Length 18.55"
Total Fish Caught 19
Justin Bricklen
Justin BricklenJ. Bricklen
Avg. Length 11.18"
Total Fish Caught 14
Louis Lough
TourneyX Louis LoughL. Lough
Avg. Length 10.89"
Total Fish Caught 54
Travis Maupin
Travis MaupinT. Maupin
Avg. Length 14.75"
Total Fish Caught 1
Alex Soliz
Alex SolizA. Soliz
Avg. Length 14.58"
Total Fish Caught 29
Chance Campbell
Chance CampbellC. Campbell
Avg. Length 12.89"
Total Fish Caught 7
Blake Dodson
TourneyX Blake DodsonB. Dodson
Avg. Length 12.58"
Total Fish Caught 122
Blake Cockrell
Blake CockrellB. Cockrell
Avg. Length 14.95"
Total Fish Caught 15
Hagen Goodson
Hagen GoodsonH. Goodson
Avg. Length 12"
Total Fish Caught 5
Virgil Baker
TourneyX Virgil BakerV. Baker
Avg. Length 13.93"
Total Fish Caught 141

Club Director

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