Bass Battalion Fishing Club

Palmdale , CA
Bass Battalion Fishing Club is a Bass Tournament/Boater Team Tournament Club that holds multiple tournaments each year at  Palmdale Lake, Castiac Lake and Pyramid Lake California. 

We are located in the state of California in the Antelope Valley Palmdale area. We have mulitiple events, bbq,s and meetings throughout the year.

All BBFC Tournaments have been correctly submitted and approved by The Fish and Wildlife.

All participants must abide by all rules and regulations of BBFC and any parks and waters  being fished.

Please note: Lake Palmdale is a Private lake and tho it is a private lake, non-members are welcomed to fish tournaments but must be accompanied by a registered BBFC member as well as a Lake Palmdale member.  These are the rules and once again we must abide and respect any rules and regulations of any park or waters being fished.  

Anglers wanting to participate in any current or upcoming tournament must be a BBFC member before registering for these scheduled (TourneyX) tournaments.  Please contact us for more membership info, contact info is available below.

Further details will be forward to all registered Anglers of the BBFC. So please make sure to have all your information entered correctly when submitting info.

If you are interested in joining. Please contact us at (661)200-4086 or email us at Thank You.

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