Nation wide, NY
If you're wondering what the meaning behind Bass Bullie Nation is.. It's When  Fisherman or fisherwoman from all over the world Continue to Bully their way through the toughest conditions to catch that PB that we all dream of and are willing to spend a lifetime chasing.. No matter what people tell us, we will continue to pursue that Elusive bass either in the snow, rain, heat in the gloom of The morning, evening and  those infamous overnighters Flipping,  pitching, skipping, dropshoting, swimbaiting trying to finesse these hogs out of cover right onto our banks, docks, boats or even our kayaks... So That's what's BASSBULLIENATION is all about!!!

Club Members

Jonathan Galicia Mendez
TourneyX Jonathan Galicia MendezJ. Galicia Mendez
Avg. Length 14.03"
Total Fish Caught 178
Eric Newtson
Eric NewtsonE. Newtson
Avg. Length 14.75"
Total Fish Caught 8
Joey LaBorde
TourneyX Joey LaBordeJ. LaBorde
Avg. Length 14"
Total Fish Caught 40
Kenny Cannon
TourneyX Kenny CannonK. Cannon
Avg. Length 16.21"
Total Fish Caught 79
Jim HubertJ. Hubert
Avg. Length 11.86"
Total Fish Caught 7
Frank Macikas
Frank MacikasF. Macikas
Avg. Length 15.53"
Total Fish Caught 133
Josh HoffJ. Hoff
Avg. Length 12.5"
Total Fish Caught 2
Jose LuceroPalma
Jose LuceroPalmaJ. LuceroPalma
Avg. Length 14.35"
Total Fish Caught 5
Bill Lamar
TourneyX Bill LamarB. Lamar
Avg. Length 16.14"
Total Fish Caught 40

Club Director

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