Carolina Paddlesport Outfitters

Greenville, NC
Group of kayak anglers in nc who primarily fish out of FeelFree or Native Kayaks. we are open to all and offer compettitive discounts to our team as well as host get togethers and tournaments across the state.

Club Members

Justin Finger
TourneyX Justin FingerJ. Finger
Avg. Length 15.33"
Total Fish Caught 110
Dylan Hardwick
Dylan HardwickD. Hardwick
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Christopher Decker
TourneyX Christopher DeckerC. Decker
Avg. Length 14.92"
Total Fish Caught 66
Justin Faircloth
TourneyX Justin FairclothJ. Faircloth
Avg. Length 16.12"
Total Fish Caught 112
DJ Stansfield
TourneyX DJ StansfieldD. Stansfield
Avg. Length 14.96"
Total Fish Caught 7
Paul Roberts
Paul RobertsP. Roberts
Avg. Length 15.66"
Total Fish Caught 17

Club Director