Carroll Bass Team

Southlake, TX
The mission of the Carroll Bass Team is to grow the love for the sport of angling, and instill a respect for nature, wildlife, and the environment, while promoting academic excellence, encouraging community outreach and providing a safe and supportive experience for its members.

Club Members

Chris Tyler
Chris TylerC. Tyler
Avg. Length 12"
Total Fish Caught 12
Augustus Shockley
Augustus ShockleyA. Shockley
Avg. Length 17.94"
Total Fish Caught 20
Chris Hay
Chris HayC. Hay
Avg. Length 15.89"
Total Fish Caught 58
Jaxon Hart
Jaxon HartJ. Hart
Avg. Length 9.63"
Total Fish Caught 2
Luke Nicholas
Luke NicholasL. Nicholas
Avg. Length 13.75"
Total Fish Caught 1
Aaron AllenA. Allen
Avg. Length 7.12"
Total Fish Caught 7

Club Director

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