Chucktown Kayak Bassin'

Charleston, SC
Located in the Low Country of South Carolina, Chucktown Kayak Bassin' is actively developing tournaments for anglers to compete in; both statewide and nationwide.  

Club Rules will apply

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Club Members

Preston Harris
Preston HarrisP. Harris
Avg. Length 13.63"
Total Fish Caught 28
Darrell Olson
TourneyX Darrell OlsonD. Olson
Avg. Length 14.2"
Total Fish Caught 224
Elijah Stewart
Elijah StewartE. Stewart
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Donald Miller
Donald MillerD. Miller
Avg. Length 16.33"
Total Fish Caught 10
Ryan Nihill
Ryan NihillR. Nihill
Avg. Length 15"
Total Fish Caught 1
James Gregory
James GregoryJ. Gregory
Avg. Length 13.8"
Total Fish Caught 10
Steve Healey
Steve HealeyS. Healey
Avg. Length 15.78"
Total Fish Caught 10
Mike Kohler
Mike KohlerM. Kohler
Avg. Length 14"
Total Fish Caught 3
Zak Keres
Zak KeresZ. Keres
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Don Bustamante
Don BustamanteD. Bustamante
Avg. Length 13.14"
Total Fish Caught 11

Club Director