Flint Hills Kayak Anglers

Topeka, KS
Welcome to the Flint Hills Kayak Anglers! The Flint Hills Kayak Anglers was established in 2019 and is a Kayak Bass Fishing Club based out of Topeka, Kansas. Our goal is to bring together anglers of all different skill and experience levels to share in our passion for kayak bass fishing. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner who wants to learn how to compete at a tournament level, club tournaments are the perfect opportunity to test your skills against some of the best kayak bass fisherman in Kansas. We currently host 7 tournaments a year and all our tournament are Catch-Photo-Release (CPR). We look forward to meeting you and sharing our adventures on and off the water!

Club Members

Steve Lutze
TourneyX Steve LutzeS. Lutze
Avg. Length 15.23"
Total Fish Caught 281
Ethan Bretz
Ethan BretzE. Bretz
Avg. Length 15.34"
Total Fish Caught 54
Shad Schafer
TourneyX Shad SchaferS. Schafer
Avg. Length 15.85"
Total Fish Caught 156
Matthew Boggs
Matthew BoggsM. Boggs
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Shane MaupinS. Maupin
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Brent Salfen
TourneyX Brent SalfenB. Salfen
Avg. Length 14.92"
Total Fish Caught 271
Kyle Savner
TourneyX Kyle SavnerK. Savner
Avg. Length 14.1"
Total Fish Caught 63
Eric Maurer
Eric MaurerE. Maurer
Avg. Length 12.06"
Total Fish Caught 29
Dakota Riegel
TourneyX Dakota RiegelD. Riegel
Avg. Length 14.57"
Total Fish Caught 65
Jeremy Rathbun
TourneyX Jeremy RathbunJ. Rathbun
Avg. Length 14.05"
Total Fish Caught 160
Derek Jamison
TourneyX Derek JamisonD. Jamison
Avg. Length 16.04"
Total Fish Caught 263
Joe Douglas
TourneyX Joe DouglasJ. Douglas
Avg. Length 14.47"
Total Fish Caught 410
Josh Lutze
TourneyX Josh LutzeJ. Lutze
Avg. Length 15.02"
Total Fish Caught 124
Garrett Reiss
Garrett ReissG. Reiss
Avg. Length 16.56"
Total Fish Caught 158
Tim Segraves
Tim SegravesT. Segraves
Avg. Length 15.17"
Total Fish Caught 49
Avg. Length 13.91"
Total Fish Caught 79
Josh Martin
TourneyX Josh MartinJ. Martin
Avg. Length 14.77"
Total Fish Caught 674

Club Director