greygoatlures on-line Tournament Series

King George, VA
Based in Virginia, greygoatlures is a company that specializes in spinnerbait and other bladed baits. From stock to custom, our goal is to make the quality built and affordable baits for the weekend and Pro angler.

Our 2020 online series consists of 2 events. The National Slot Series and the Team Slot Series.

In 2021 we will be updating these 2 series and adding a few more.
1. Bank fishing series
2. A 6 tournament "PRO" series
3. A state kayaking series
Keep checking back for more updates and information

Thank you

Alvin j Paliani

Club Members

Joseph Gayton
Joseph GaytonJ. Gayton
Avg. Length 18.04"
Total Fish Caught 290
Mark Horrell
Mark HorrellM. Horrell
Avg. Length 14.98"
Total Fish Caught 113
Sherman Bishop
TourneyX Sherman BishopS. Bishop
Avg. Length 18.18"
Total Fish Caught 517
Anthony Cordaro
Anthony CordaroA. Cordaro
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Gary Boyd
TourneyX Gary BoydG. Boyd
Avg. Length 12.25"
Total Fish Caught 4
Jason Starley
TourneyX Jason StarleyJ. Starley
Avg. Length 16.84"
Total Fish Caught 368
Jacob Coile
TourneyX Jacob CoileJ. Coile
Avg. Length 13.95"
Total Fish Caught 55
Steve Massie
Steve MassieS. Massie
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Mark Tidwell
TourneyX Mark TidwellM. Tidwell
Avg. Length 14.18"
Total Fish Caught 61
Christopher Boring
Christopher BoringC. Boring
Avg. Length 15.25"
Total Fish Caught 4
Bobby BigGun Morin
TourneyX Bobby BigGun MorinB. Morin
Avg. Length 18.37"
Total Fish Caught 235
Avg. Length 13.35"
Total Fish Caught 17
Jason Tisinger
TourneyX Jason TisingerJ. Tisinger
Avg. Length 15.8"
Total Fish Caught 10
Roper Stacy
TourneyX Roper StacyR. Stacy
Avg. Length 15.32"
Total Fish Caught 44
Levi Bulgrin
TourneyX Levi BulgrinL. Bulgrin
Avg. Length 14.64"
Total Fish Caught 554
William Kennon
TourneyX William KennonW. Kennon
Avg. Length 18.27"
Total Fish Caught 437

Club Director

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