Hastings, NE Working Man’s Club

Hastings, NE
Welcome to the Hastings, NE working man’s bass fishing league!

I will be hosting weekly tournaments on Thursday evenings starting at 6pm on local lakes and reservoirs. A full schedule will be posted. 

Format: Total inches, to the 1/4”, of an anglers 5 best bass will be counted. Anglers will be ranked from 1st to last based on total inches of bass caught that day. Any Bass (largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted)  10” or larger may be counted in your bag.  Tournament director will look at and record all measurements. It is the tournament director’s discretion if a fish qualifies and to the length of the fish. 

Measuring device: Fish will be measured on a SOLID measuring device with a stop on one end. A hawg trough is a good example of this. 

Picture of fish: A picture of each fish must be taken with the full fish in the picture and the coded index card for that evenings tournament. The length of the fish must be clearly visible. The fish will be measured with its mouth closed, up against the stop on the board, tail pinched. The fish’s mouth should be to the left side of the picture with the left side of of the fish towards the camera. The longest length that the tail touches will be the measurement for that fish. 

Random code: A 5 character code will be generated on random.org 30 mins before start time. All entrants will receive an index card with their name and the 5 character code at the beginning of each tournament. 

Entry Fee: $20 per tournament with optional $10 big giant bass pot

Up to 5 entrants = 1st place 100% 
5-9 entrants = 1st-80% 2nd-20%
10+ entrants = 1st - 70% 2nd-20% 3rd-10%

Big Giant Bass Payout
Rules and Regulations: To qualify, a bass must measure at least 21” and must be weighed by the tournament director. The largest bass, by weight, 21” or larger will win the pot. If no fish is caught by an angler of at least 21”, the money is added to the next weeks pot and so on. If a fish of 21” or greater is caught, you may keep it in your livewell until the end of that nights tournament. If you do not have a livewell, you will contact the tournament director by cell phone and he will come weigh your fish immediately. If an entrant is entering the Big Bass pot for the first time, they will only be eligible for $10 x the number of big bass entrants for that evening’s tournament. All entries by that angler after the first entry will be eligible for the full cumulative pot. 

Catch and Release: all bass under 21” must be immediately released after measuring and photo. Fish 21” and over will be released immediately after weighing. 

Baits: No live bait is allowed. Only artificial lures/baits may be used. All baits must comply with the NGPC regulations for legal baits and number of hooks. 

Rods: an angler may only fish with one rod at a time

Fishing: An angler may fish from a boat, kayak, shore, dock, etc. as long as they are fishing in the appropriate waters. There will be no more than 3 entrants in a single boat. All fish must be caught with a hook, attached to a lure, with a line, rod, and reel. A landing net may be used to assist landing of the fish. 

Lights: Boats must have proper lighting after sundown. 

Time: All entrants must be at the “weigh in” area no later than 10 mins after the end of the tournament. 

Cheating: Any incidents of cheating must be brought to the tournament directors attention immediately. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from that and future tournaments. 

Off-limits: The lake that we are fishing is off limits during the day of the tournament. 

All NGPC fishing regulations and specific lake regulations must be obeyed.

Club Members

Grant Marsh
TourneyX Grant MarshG. Marsh
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Avg. Length 12.88"
Total Fish Caught 34
Justin kohlJ. Kohl
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Blake Moody
Blake MoodyB. Moody
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0

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