Hudson Valley Kayak Bass Fishing

Congers, NY
Hudson Valley Kayak Bass Fishing (#HVKBF)

Welcomes all anglers from beginner, novic, national and weekend warriors! We are here to bring the competitive fishing world to Hudson Valley and have an amazing time doing it! Wether you're a beginner or nationally ranked this group is for learning and expierencing the great fishing world and creating a great group of fishermen. Within #HVKBF we will fish new and old lakes to many people with the local tournaments or the more competitive out of state lakes! This is a fantastic way to go out and fish and possibly win some money, bydoing what we all love, and making new friends! 

Club Members

Andrew Feger
TourneyX Andrew FegerA. Feger
Avg. Length 13.26"
Total Fish Caught 19
Eric Goldstein
Eric GoldsteinE. Goldstein
Avg. Length 14.9"
Total Fish Caught 41
Joel Nucifore
Joel NuciforeJ. Nucifore
Avg. Length 15.42"
Total Fish Caught 23
Avg. Length 15.97"
Total Fish Caught 9
Joe Lincks
TourneyX Joe LincksJ. Lincks
Avg. Length 16.39"
Total Fish Caught 224
Joseph Scialabba
Joseph ScialabbaJ. Scialabba
Avg. Length 15.04"
Total Fish Caught 62
Joe Lincks
TourneyX Joe LincksJ. Lincks
Avg. Length 16.39"
Total Fish Caught 224
Matthew Rivera
TourneyX Matthew RiveraM. Rivera
Avg. Length 16.13"
Total Fish Caught 146
Michael GregorioM. Gregorio
Avg. Length 9.7"
Total Fish Caught 5
Wayne Zittel
TourneyX Wayne ZittelW. Zittel
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Eric Meza
Eric MezaE. Meza
Avg. Length 15.39"
Total Fish Caught 25
Francisco Santiago
Francisco SantiagoF. Santiago
Avg. Length 12.38"
Total Fish Caught 25

Club Director