Idaho Kayak Bass Fishing (IKBF)

Moscow, ID

The newest kayak fishing tournament trail in the West, IKBF will be hosting tour events and online challenges in its inaugural year of 2019. Join us for the fun, the competition and the community.

Club Members

Brian Trice
TourneyX Brian TriceB. Trice
Avg. Length 14.09"
Total Fish Caught 218
Tyler Anderson
TourneyX Tyler AndersonT. Anderson
Avg. Length 13.29"
Total Fish Caught 42
Thorn Prom
TourneyX Thorn PromT. Prom
Avg. Length 14.82"
Total Fish Caught 184
Joshua Dugger
TourneyX Joshua DuggerJ. Dugger
Avg. Length 16.25"
Total Fish Caught 260
Victor Jaime
TourneyX Victor JaimeV. Jaime
Avg. Length 11.83"
Total Fish Caught 68
Nic Taylor
TourneyX Nic TaylorN. Taylor
Avg. Length 14.47"
Total Fish Caught 101
Marvin Forte
TourneyX Marvin ForteM. Forte
Avg. Length 13.95"
Total Fish Caught 287
Kimberly Eilers
TourneyX Kimberly EilersK. Eilers
Avg. Length 11.94"
Total Fish Caught 74
Kegan Pankratz
Kegan PankratzK. Pankratz
Avg. Length 12.87"
Total Fish Caught 169
Chris Bordes
TourneyX Chris BordesC. Bordes
Avg. Length 13.01"
Total Fish Caught 85
Dan Zimmerschied
TourneyX Dan ZimmerschiedD. Zimmerschied
Avg. Length 16.19"
Total Fish Caught 549
Gary Ford
TourneyX Gary FordG. Ford
Avg. Length 14.36"
Total Fish Caught 260
Martin EdwardsM. Edwards
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
CJ BameC. Bame
Avg. Length 12.3"
Total Fish Caught 56

Club Director

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