JML Outdoors

Indian Land, SC
JML Outdoors was formed in 2010 for running bass tournaments.  In 2019 we expanded and started running some kayak events in preparation for a full launch in 2020.  starting the first week of 2020 we will be running week long Satellite events all across the country.  Our events pay back 1 place for every 7 entries.  JML Satellite Series and all KAA events are membership only events.  You must have a JML/KAA membership to participate.  For a full list of rules and to purchase a membership visit

JML Satellite Series events are $40 per week long event
KAA Satellite Series events are $30 per week long event

To find our events please search for KAA or JML on the tourneyx site.

Club Members

Brandon Hansen
Brandon HansenB. Hansen
Avg. Length 15.75"
Total Fish Caught 9
Mark Goss
TourneyX Mark GossM. Goss
Avg. Length 14.66"
Total Fish Caught 110
Jose deOrta
TourneyX Jose deOrtaJ. DeOrta
Avg. Length 15.92"
Total Fish Caught 342

Club Director

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