Kayak Bass Anglers of Maine

Old Town, ME
Kayak Bass Anglers of Maine is thrilled to welcome all our anglers back to our 3rd season.  We have 9 live events scheduled this year.  

We are a KBF Partner and follow KBF rules and standards.  

Yearly membership is $30.00. 
$15.00 yearly membership for those with proof of prior military service.  
Email kayakbassanglersofmaine@gmail.com to sign up.

Each event will be $25.00 per angler, per event.

Payout Breakdown:
$10 of each entry goes towards Podium finishes
      5 of each entry goes towards Big Bass/Lunker Pot
      6 of each entry is admin fees (TourneyX and Paypal)
      4 of each entry is put into the AOY/Championship Pot
          to be split 60/40 at the end of the season.

Auto Cull is turned on for all events.

Thank you new and returning sponsors:
Old Town Canoe, Malone Auto Racks, Grunt Style, Hoo_Rag, Yak_Attack

Club Members

Tom Jones
TourneyX Tom JonesT. Jones
Avg. Length 16.11"
Total Fish Caught 219
Christian Martin
TourneyX Christian MartinC. Martin
Avg. Length 16.04"
Total Fish Caught 918
HEATHER Swindler
TourneyX HEATHER SwindlerH. Swindler
Avg. Length 14.9"
Total Fish Caught 427
James Lacadie
James LacadieJ. Lacadie
Avg. Length 14.81"
Total Fish Caught 45
Chris Urquhart
TourneyX Chris UrquhartC. Urquhart
Avg. Length 15.67"
Total Fish Caught 139
TourneyX Jon-Paul RodriguezJ. Rodriguez
Avg. Length 13.94"
Total Fish Caught 4
Mike Pierce
Mike PierceM. Pierce
Avg. Length 15.12"
Total Fish Caught 55
Jeremy Bean
TourneyX Jeremy BeanJ. Bean
Avg. Length 14.94"
Total Fish Caught 34
Greg Harjula
TourneyX Greg HarjulaG. Harjula
Avg. Length 15.29"
Total Fish Caught 183
Kenneth Mitchell
TourneyX Kenneth MitchellK. Mitchell
Avg. Length 16"
Total Fish Caught 80
Corey Gray
TourneyX Corey GrayC. Gray
Avg. Length 15.41"
Total Fish Caught 47
Shawn Marston
TourneyX Shawn MarstonS. Marston
Avg. Length 16.22"
Total Fish Caught 215
Andres Espinoza
TourneyX Andres EspinozaA. Espinoza
Avg. Length 15.03"
Total Fish Caught 9
Aaron PerkinsA. Perkins
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Timothy PerkinsT. Perkins
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Maurice Clark
TourneyX Maurice ClarkM. Clark
Avg. Length 13.04"
Total Fish Caught 6
Rodney Merritt
TourneyX Rodney MerrittR. Merritt
Avg. Length 16.49"
Total Fish Caught 254
Kaelen Doughty
TourneyX Kaelen DoughtyK. Doughty
Avg. Length 15.93"
Total Fish Caught 115
Daniel McFetridge
Daniel McFetridgeD. McFetridge
Avg. Length 14.96"
Total Fish Caught 14
Tucker RiceT. Rice
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Mike Egan
TourneyX Mike EganM. Egan
Avg. Length 14.68"
Total Fish Caught 35
TourneyX Michael FaddenM. Fadden
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Timothy Spry
TourneyX Timothy SpryT. Spry
Avg. Length 15.68"
Total Fish Caught 213
Christopher Nichols
TourneyX Christopher NicholsC. Nichols
Avg. Length 16.42"
Total Fish Caught 346
Jeremy Jernigan
Jeremy JerniganJ. Jernigan
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Robert Spencer
Robert SpencerR. Spencer
Avg. Length 15.71"
Total Fish Caught 98
David Emerson
TourneyX David EmersonD. Emerson
Avg. Length 15.83"
Total Fish Caught 65
Jared Kimble
TourneyX Jared KimbleJ. Kimble
Avg. Length 15.24"
Total Fish Caught 147
Pete ChartP. Chart
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0

Club Director

Club Calendar