Kayak Bass League

Aurora, IL

The Kayak Bass League™ (KBL) is the Midwest’s premier kayak bass fishing tournament organization!  Based out of Illinois, we are the first and largest kayak bass fishing series in the state.  Since our founding in 2015 we have worked diligently to expand with the growing community of kayak fisherman in the region.  We hoped to create a unique, tiered bass fishing tournament series that multiple groups could participate under.  This idea ultimately led to the development and launch of our flagship series, the Club Classic Tour!

The Club Classic Tour was created to promote an open yet exclusive tournament series for serious bass anglers who will enjoy competing at some of the best bass fishing waterways that Illinois and Wisconsin have to offer.   Each competitor will join as a member of the Kayak Bass League to be one of a maximum of 70 anglers participating in the Club Classic Tour.  Those 70 anglers will then be split between two separate clubs who will then compete in their own regular tournament series to ultimately qualify for the Club Classic Tour Championship.



Club Members

Chunsum JC Choi
TourneyX Chunsum JC ChoiC. Choi
Avg. Length 14.75"
Total Fish Caught 73
Tony Lam
TourneyX Tony LamT. Lam
Avg. Length 16.32"
Total Fish Caught 308
Alan Wiedmeyer
TourneyX Alan WiedmeyerA. Wiedmeyer
Avg. Length 17.14"
Total Fish Caught 363
Shaun Wood
TourneyX Shaun WoodS. Wood
Avg. Length 16.34"
Total Fish Caught 198
Glenn Miller
TourneyX Glenn MillerG. Miller
Avg. Length 16.18"
Total Fish Caught 222
Paul Gula
Paul GulaP. Gula
Avg. Length 14.86"
Total Fish Caught 68
Steve Glinka
TourneyX Steve GlinkaS. Glinka
Avg. Length 16.28"
Total Fish Caught 245
Richard Huff
TourneyX Richard HuffR. Huff
Avg. Length 16.16"
Total Fish Caught 123
Patrick Keating
TourneyX Patrick KeatingP. Keating
Avg. Length 16.56"
Total Fish Caught 207
Robert Secondi
Robert SecondiR. Secondi
Avg. Length 15.86"
Total Fish Caught 126
Calvin Dee
Calvin DeeC. Dee
Avg. Length 16.28"
Total Fish Caught 163
Matt Johnson
TourneyX Matt JohnsonM. Johnson
Avg. Length 14.98"
Total Fish Caught 117
Ronald Koch
Ronald KochR. Koch
Avg. Length 15.91"
Total Fish Caught 120
TourneyX Scott ShawS. Shaw
Avg. Length 13.39"
Total Fish Caught 106
Atif Goodman
Atif GoodmanA. Goodman
Avg. Length 15.84"
Total Fish Caught 178
Dan Miller
TourneyX Dan MillerD. Miller
Avg. Length 17.16"
Total Fish Caught 131
Matthew Frank
TourneyX Matthew FrankM. Frank
Avg. Length 14.26"
Total Fish Caught 77
Patrick Tharp
TourneyX Patrick TharpP. Tharp
Avg. Length 16.92"
Total Fish Caught 567
George Lobb
George LobbG. Lobb
Avg. Length 14.91"
Total Fish Caught 76
Shaun Flanagan
Shaun FlanaganS. Flanagan
Avg. Length 15.51"
Total Fish Caught 140
David Brooke
TourneyX David BrookeD. Brooke
Avg. Length 16.58"
Total Fish Caught 415
Nicholas Beltran
Nicholas BeltranN. Beltran
Avg. Length 14.25"
Total Fish Caught 10
Eric Stansberry
TourneyX Eric StansberryE. Stansberry
Avg. Length 14.43"
Total Fish Caught 129
Dustin Murguia
TourneyX Dustin MurguiaD. Murguia
Avg. Length 16.46"
Total Fish Caught 388
Nathen Barto
Nathen BartoN. Barto
Avg. Length 16.27"
Total Fish Caught 83
Mark TravisM. Travis
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Susie Roloff
TourneyX Susie RoloffS. Roloff
Avg. Length 16.65"
Total Fish Caught 291
William BangphaxayW. Bangphaxay
Avg. Length 14.72"
Total Fish Caught 36
Robert Weskamp
TourneyX Robert WeskampR. Weskamp
Avg. Length 16.53"
Total Fish Caught 118
Michael Watson
TourneyX Michael WatsonM. Watson
Avg. Length 15.05"
Total Fish Caught 215
Travis Johnson
TourneyX Travis JohnsonT. Johnson
Avg. Length 15.71"
Total Fish Caught 110
Joel Scarbrough
TourneyX Joel ScarbroughJ. Scarbrough
Avg. Length 15.17"
Total Fish Caught 657
John Diniz
TourneyX John DinizJ. Diniz
Avg. Length 15.44"
Total Fish Caught 189
Donald Mess
TourneyX Donald MessD. Mess
Avg. Length 14.5"
Total Fish Caught 8
TourneyX Dusty FoxworthD. Foxworth
Avg. Length 14.62"
Total Fish Caught 32
Michelle NeidighM. Neidigh
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Jake Schultz
Jake SchultzJ. Schultz
Avg. Length 15.38"
Total Fish Caught 65
William Batten
TourneyX William BattenW. Batten
Avg. Length 12.35"
Total Fish Caught 8
Joshua Smith
Joshua SmithJ. Smith
Avg. Length 15.83"
Total Fish Caught 103
Cody Wenger
Cody WengerC. Wenger
Avg. Length 15.83"
Total Fish Caught 133
Brice Rose
Brice RoseB. Rose
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Evan Walton
Evan WaltonE. Walton
Avg. Length 14.49"
Total Fish Caught 20
Greg Sarmas
Greg SarmasG. Sarmas
Avg. Length 14.8"
Total Fish Caught 20
Mike Clark
Mike ClarkM. Clark
Avg. Length 15.08"
Total Fish Caught 9
Nate Weier
TourneyX Nate WeierN. Weier
Avg. Length 10.84"
Total Fish Caught 3
Sean Moore
Sean MooreS. Moore
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Elijah Bishop
TourneyX Elijah BishopE. Bishop
Avg. Length 14.53"
Total Fish Caught 29
Matthew Williams
TourneyX Matthew WilliamsM. Williams
Avg. Length 15.84"
Total Fish Caught 200
Frank MacikasF. Macikas
Avg. Length 15.35"
Total Fish Caught 32
John FlanaganJ. Flanagan
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Robert Moss
TourneyX Robert MossR. Moss
Avg. Length 14.9"
Total Fish Caught 69
Joshua Husom
Joshua HusomJ. Husom
Avg. Length 15.69"
Total Fish Caught 21
Brice Leeper
TourneyX Brice LeeperB. Leeper
Avg. Length 17.38"
Total Fish Caught 6
Kam Rasheed
Kam RasheedK. Rasheed
Avg. Length 16.21"
Total Fish Caught 6
Marshall Lacey
Marshall LaceyM. Lacey
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Jeff Peck
Jeff PeckJ. Peck
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Kyle Lynn
Kyle LynnK. Lynn
Avg. Length 14.92"
Total Fish Caught 6
Dj Williams
TourneyX Dj WilliamsD. Williams
Avg. Length 15.89"
Total Fish Caught 96

Club Director