Kayak Fishing Utah

Salt Lake City, UT
Welcome to Kayak Fishing Utah!! The states #1 Source for Kayak Fishing information and competition. As one of the fastest growing sports in the country, kayak fishing offers anglers a new way to access fishing spots. There is no other experience quite like it. Kayakers can go into shallow water where the fish are and where most boats cannot follow. Kayak fishing is an exciting water sport that is relatively cheap, easy to get started, requires no fuel or motor and is a remarkably effective way to catch fish!

Club Members

Charlie GieseC. Giese
Avg. Length 12.48"
Total Fish Caught 69
Kyle KirkpatrickK. Kirkpatrick
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Geovany Ortega
Geovany OrtegaG. Ortega
Avg. Length 13.34"
Total Fish Caught 19
Colton Hirst
Colton HirstC. Hirst
Avg. Length 13.48"
Total Fish Caught 37
Dustin Tillery
Dustin TilleryD. Tillery
Avg. Length 14.56"
Total Fish Caught 4
Richard Ensign
TourneyX Richard EnsignR. Ensign
Avg. Length 14.2"
Total Fish Caught 5
Kendall Tingey
TourneyX Kendall TingeyK. Tingey
Avg. Length 13.55"
Total Fish Caught 110
Erin Mathis
TourneyX Erin MathisE. Mathis
Avg. Length 13.74"
Total Fish Caught 151
thomas deverT. Dever
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Caymen Rasmussen
Caymen RasmussenC. Rasmussen
Avg. Length 14.56"
Total Fish Caught 172
Jeremy EttestadJ. Ettestad
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Chris Turner
Chris TurnerC. Turner
Avg. Length 13.23"
Total Fish Caught 11
Chris Spencer
TourneyX Chris SpencerC. Spencer
Avg. Length 13.11"
Total Fish Caught 77
JD Johnstun
TourneyX JD JohnstunJ. Johnstun
Avg. Length 10.46"
Total Fish Caught 7
Johnny Reed
Johnny ReedJ. Reed
Avg. Length 16.71"
Total Fish Caught 40
Kris Brenneman
Kris BrennemanK. Brenneman
Avg. Length 14"
Total Fish Caught 2
Steve Mondragon
Steve MondragonS. Mondragon
Avg. Length 13.42"
Total Fish Caught 134
Katherine Field
TourneyX Katherine FieldK. Field
Avg. Length 13.29"
Total Fish Caught 53
Kyle Lovelady
Kyle LoveladyK. Lovelady
Avg. Length 15.77"
Total Fish Caught 13
Talen Crandall
Talen CrandallT. Crandall
Avg. Length 14.69"
Total Fish Caught 13
Richard Kattau
TourneyX Richard KattauR. Kattau
Avg. Length 15.72"
Total Fish Caught 240
Kevin Watkins
Kevin WatkinsK. Watkins
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Johnny Jay
Johnny JayJ. Jay
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Ronald Andersen
TourneyX Ronald AndersenR. Andersen
Avg. Length 15.22"
Total Fish Caught 62
Connor Balls
Connor BallsC. Balls
Avg. Length 8"
Total Fish Caught 1
Devin Slade
Devin SladeD. Slade
Avg. Length 14.37"
Total Fish Caught 35

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