Lake Charles Kayak Fishing Club

Lake Charles, LA
Lake Charles Kayak Fishing page hopes to promote kayaking and kayak fishing in the Lake Charles Area. Lake Charles Kayak Fishing Club's Facebook page, , helps connect kayak anglers in Southwest Louisiana and abroad. It will serves to discuss fishing locations, fishing reports, events, etc. and a place for kayak anglers to plan trips in Southwest Louisiana. Please Check there for complete rules, tournaments, and other details.

Club Members

Derek Bushnell
TourneyX Derek BushnellD. Bushnell
Avg. Length 14.47"
Total Fish Caught 60
brandon Sistrunk
TourneyX brandon SistrunkB. Sistrunk
Avg. Length 15.42"
Total Fish Caught 51
Josh Duffel
TourneyX Josh DuffelJ. Duffel
Avg. Length 14.39"
Total Fish Caught 196
Bradley LaninghamB. Laningham
Avg. Length 13.59"
Total Fish Caught 8
Mike HammersM. Hammers
Avg. Length 11.5"
Total Fish Caught 1
Tim ZimmermanT. Zimmerman
Avg. Length 16.71"
Total Fish Caught 7
Kris Harper
Kris HarperK. Harper
Avg. Length 15.36"
Total Fish Caught 66
Gerald FraiserG. Fraiser
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Ross Burkenstock JR.R. Burkenstock JR.
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Scott Oblanc
Scott OblancS. Oblanc
Avg. Length 17.79"
Total Fish Caught 23
Josh DroddyJ. Droddy
Avg. Length 18.33"
Total Fish Caught 3
Karen Bird
Karen BirdK. Bird
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Stephanie Demarets
Stephanie DemaretsS. Demarets
Avg. Length 9.94"
Total Fish Caught 4
Jacob Coile
Jacob CoileJ. Coile
Avg. Length 7.54"
Total Fish Caught 6

Club Director