Maine Yak Anglers

Topsham, ME
Maine Yak Anglers is a group that is out to promote the sport the right way. 

We promoting the anglers that fish it.
We promote and support other trails
We have a clean up at every event so we can help give back to the community.

We are also a KBF Partner Trail and follow KBF rules. 
In 2018 we brought a KBF Trail Event to Maine and in 2019 we are co-hosting a KBF Trail Event in New Hampshire.

Club Members

Jason Gardner
TourneyX Jason GardnerJ. Gardner
Avg. Length 15.78"
Total Fish Caught 637
Adam Rourke
TourneyX Adam RourkeA. Rourke
Avg. Length 15.46"
Total Fish Caught 165
Matthew Charette
Matthew CharetteM. Charette
Avg. Length 17.31"
Total Fish Caught 154
Joseph D'Addeo
TourneyX Joseph D'AddeoJ. D'Addeo
Avg. Length 16.24"
Total Fish Caught 648
Stefan Kozak
TourneyX Stefan KozakS. Kozak
Avg. Length 15.57"
Total Fish Caught 42
Keith Brown
Keith BrownK. Brown
Avg. Length 15.13"
Total Fish Caught 52
Sam Cushing
TourneyX Sam CushingS. Cushing
Avg. Length 17.41"
Total Fish Caught 133
james engle
TourneyX james engleJ. Engle
Avg. Length 17.37"
Total Fish Caught 209
Jordan Hanscom
Jordan HanscomJ. Hanscom
Avg. Length 15.38"
Total Fish Caught 22
Ryan Lachance
TourneyX Ryan LachanceR. Lachance
Avg. Length 16.18"
Total Fish Caught 87
Kenny Livingwater
Kenny LivingwaterK. Livingwater
Avg. Length 15.17"
Total Fish Caught 13
Stephen Smith
TourneyX Stephen SmithS. Smith
Avg. Length 14.55"
Total Fish Caught 57
Brian McIntyre
TourneyX Brian McIntyreB. McIntyre
Avg. Length 16.33"
Total Fish Caught 15
Tyler RickerT. Ricker
Avg. Length 12.5"
Total Fish Caught 1
Thomas Jent
TourneyX Thomas JentT. Jent
Avg. Length 15.63"
Total Fish Caught 86
TourneyX Jared SteeleJ. Steele
Avg. Length 13.14"
Total Fish Caught 11
Ryan Lagasse
Ryan LagasseR. Lagasse
Avg. Length 14.83"
Total Fish Caught 20
Kevin Cavanaugh
TourneyX Kevin CavanaughK. Cavanaugh
Avg. Length 10.08"
Total Fish Caught 3
Justin LachanceJ. Lachance
Avg. Length 14.94"
Total Fish Caught 20
Brady OuelletteB. Ouellette
Avg. Length 17.12"
Total Fish Caught 275

Club Director

Club Calendar