Massachusetts Kayak Bassin'

South Shore, MA

With the sport of competitive bass fishing growing nationwide, Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ was created out of a desire to see the sport continue to spread its roots, particularly in Massachusetts, where until recently only one small tournament trail existed.  In just a few years we have become biggest kayak bass fishing tournament trail in the state, and we will continue to grow in the years to come.

As a way to offer more opportunities to our anglers, we have partnered with Kayak Bass Fishing, LLC (KBF). KBF is the nation’s leading kayak fishing tournament organization, and anglers wishing to take their skills to the next level of competitive kayak bass fishing can do so by participating in not only our events but KBF state challenges, special challenges, opens, and trail events, all of which open the door for those anglers to qualify to fish the KBF National Championship.

We look forward to working with this great organization for many years to come!

So whether your ambitions are to fish for higher stakes in a more professional circuit, like KBF, or you just want to get out on the weekend for some affordable, friendly, competitive fun, Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ has what you need. We hope you’ll agree.

If you're interested in fishing with us, check out our website or join our Facebook group.

See you on the water!

Club Members

Ken Wood
TourneyX Ken WoodK. Wood
Avg. Length 15.39"
Total Fish Caught 908
Valber Santos
TourneyX Valber SantosV. Santos
Avg. Length 15.2"
Total Fish Caught 316
Mark Johnson
TourneyX Mark JohnsonM. Johnson
Avg. Length 15.31"
Total Fish Caught 170
Troy Brown
TourneyX Troy BrownT. Brown
Avg. Length 14.86"
Total Fish Caught 127
Bruce Levy
TourneyX Bruce LevyB. Levy
Avg. Length 14.57"
Total Fish Caught 281
Donald Davis
Donald DavisD. Davis
Avg. Length 14.46"
Total Fish Caught 200
Paulo DeMorais Jr
Paulo DeMorais JrP. DeMorais Jr
Avg. Length 16.5"
Total Fish Caught 97
Craig Page
Craig PageC. Page
Avg. Length 12.73"
Total Fish Caught 43
Domenic Eno
Domenic EnoD. Eno
Avg. Length 15.66"
Total Fish Caught 79
Mike Elrick
TourneyX Mike ElrickM. Elrick
Avg. Length 15.62"
Total Fish Caught 396
Peter Arruda
TourneyX Peter ArrudaP. Arruda
Avg. Length 14.72"
Total Fish Caught 172
Jeremy Robitaille
Jeremy RobitailleJ. Robitaille
Avg. Length 12.8"
Total Fish Caught 23
Stephen Scott
TourneyX Stephen ScottS. Scott
Avg. Length 14.68"
Total Fish Caught 266
Chris Diranian
Chris DiranianC. Diranian
Avg. Length 14.82"
Total Fish Caught 152
Allan Seniuk
Allan SeniukA. Seniuk
Avg. Length 14.63"
Total Fish Caught 70
Chris LaCourse
TourneyX Chris LaCourseC. LaCourse
Avg. Length 13.86"
Total Fish Caught 170
Ryan Pierce
TourneyX Ryan PierceR. Pierce
Avg. Length 15.92"
Total Fish Caught 24
Bob Pierce
TourneyX Bob PierceB. Pierce
Avg. Length 16.01"
Total Fish Caught 40
Kevin Amaral
TourneyX Kevin AmaralK. Amaral
Avg. Length 13.55"
Total Fish Caught 40
Brett KrillB. Krill
Avg. Length 11.62"
Total Fish Caught 25
Nick Booth
TourneyX Nick BoothN. Booth
Avg. Length 16.57"
Total Fish Caught 17
RJ Alves
TourneyX RJ AlvesR. Alves
Avg. Length 14.05"
Total Fish Caught 5
Kevin Amaral Jr
TourneyX Kevin Amaral JrK. Amaral Jr
Avg. Length 14.36"
Total Fish Caught 59
Tyler Lehane
Tyler LehaneT. Lehane
Avg. Length 15.13"
Total Fish Caught 10
John Ferreira
TourneyX John FerreiraJ. Ferreira
Avg. Length 15.49"
Total Fish Caught 36
Rick Santiago
Rick SantiagoR. Santiago
Avg. Length 13.7"
Total Fish Caught 5
TourneyX Bruce SisonB. Sison
Avg. Length 14.94"
Total Fish Caught 4
Derek Collins
Derek CollinsD. Collins
Avg. Length 14.45"
Total Fish Caught 137
Valber Santos
TourneyX Valber SantosV. Santos
Avg. Length 15.2"
Total Fish Caught 316
Kyle Dudley
Kyle DudleyK. Dudley
Avg. Length 13.77"
Total Fish Caught 13
Jesse Brady
Jesse BradyJ. Brady
Avg. Length 15.23"
Total Fish Caught 52
Nate Chagnon
Nate ChagnonN. Chagnon
Avg. Length 14.8"
Total Fish Caught 52
Joshua Jackson
Joshua JacksonJ. Jackson
Avg. Length 14.4"
Total Fish Caught 10
TourneyX Janelle EllisonJ. Ellison
Avg. Length 13.66"
Total Fish Caught 20
Jonathan Songer
TourneyX Jonathan SongerJ. Songer
Avg. Length 16.02"
Total Fish Caught 219
Gerard Elias
TourneyX Gerard EliasG. Elias
Avg. Length 13.97"
Total Fish Caught 84
Matt Morais
Matt MoraisM. Morais
Avg. Length 16.08"
Total Fish Caught 22
Nate Garza
Nate GarzaN. Garza
Avg. Length 13.69"
Total Fish Caught 27
Edmar Nogueira
Edmar NogueiraE. Nogueira
Avg. Length 15.32"
Total Fish Caught 319
Jacob Schur
TourneyX Jacob SchurJ. Schur
Avg. Length 14.89"
Total Fish Caught 95
Eric Dewey
TourneyX Eric DeweyE. Dewey
Avg. Length 11.6"
Total Fish Caught 6
Lee Kennon
Lee KennonL. Kennon
Avg. Length 15.83"
Total Fish Caught 105
Peter Lawson
TourneyX Peter LawsonP. Lawson
Avg. Length 14.85"
Total Fish Caught 21

Club Director

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