Midwest Kayak Bass Club

Milwaukee, WI
Midwest Kayak Bass Club is a Kayak Fishing club based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, specifically targeting Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. We mainly cover the southeastern part of Wisconsin with a couple tournaments scattered throughout other regions of Wisconsin. We are a Non-Profit Organization club.

Club Members

Martin O'Bryant
Martin O'BryantM. O'Bryant
Avg. Length 14.6"
Total Fish Caught 13
Nhia xiongN. Xiong
Avg. Length 15.72"
Total Fish Caught 42
Nate White
Nate WhiteN. White
Avg. Length 15.6"
Total Fish Caught 34
Jonah ZaimesJ. Zaimes
Avg. Length 13.99"
Total Fish Caught 72
TourneyX Nou ThaoN. Thao
Avg. Length 16.19"
Total Fish Caught 41
Douglas Vandiver
Douglas VandiverD. Vandiver
Avg. Length 13.56"
Total Fish Caught 4
Scott Krueger
Scott KruegerS. Krueger
Avg. Length 14.4"
Total Fish Caught 8
Tswv XiongT. Xiong
Avg. Length 15.29"
Total Fish Caught 31
Michael MullerM. Muller
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Dan Miller
TourneyX Dan MillerD. Miller
Avg. Length 17.39"
Total Fish Caught 231
Randy Franklin
TourneyX Randy FranklinR. Franklin
Avg. Length 15.72"
Total Fish Caught 79
Jacob Ruff
Jacob RuffJ. Ruff
Avg. Length 14.86"
Total Fish Caught 25
Eric Spiedel
TourneyX Eric SpiedelE. Spiedel
Avg. Length 16.74"
Total Fish Caught 60
Frank Nardomarino
TourneyX Frank NardomarinoF. Nardomarino
Avg. Length 15.78"
Total Fish Caught 183

Club Director