Nebraska, NE
Nebraska Bass Kayak Anglers

ANYONE from the Cornhusker State of Nebraska are welcome to join this club to represent where you come from and the kayak fishing community we have built together!

Club Members

Garrett McKenzie
Garrett McKenzieG. McKenzie
Avg. Length 14.33"
Total Fish Caught 30
Robert Stevens
Robert StevensR. Stevens
Avg. Length 15.03"
Total Fish Caught 60
Erik Poulsen
Erik PoulsenE. Poulsen
Avg. Length 13.44"
Total Fish Caught 16
Jareth Kaup
TourneyX Jareth KaupJ. Kaup
Avg. Length 15.53"
Total Fish Caught 301
Braden PowersB. Powers
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Tad Meyer
Tad MeyerT. Meyer
Avg. Length 15.75"
Total Fish Caught 115
Brice Leeper
TourneyX Brice LeeperB. Leeper
Avg. Length 17.38"
Total Fish Caught 6

Club Director