Nebraska Kayak Angler’s Club

Omaha, NE
The Nebraska Kayak Anglers Club (N.K.A.C) is an organization based in Omaha Nebraska. Our mission is to encourage the growth of the sport of kayak fishing and sustainable fishing practices. N.K.A.C hosts no pressure events for anglers of all levels. Our goals are: to spread knowledge among anglers, maintain healthy local fisheries, and have fun while kayak fishing.
Nebraska Kayak Anglers Club - Keepin' Poles & Paddles Wet Since 2020

Club Members

Matthew Rogge
Matthew RoggeM. Rogge
Avg. Length 14.34"
Total Fish Caught 84
Zane Strode
Zane StrodeZ. Strode
Avg. Length 11.92"
Total Fish Caught 53
Matt Schram
Matt SchramM. Schram
Avg. Length 13.75"
Total Fish Caught 5
Jordan LaNoue
TourneyX Jordan LaNoueJ. LaNoue
Avg. Length 23.31"
Total Fish Caught 32
Steven Taylor
Steven TaylorS. Taylor
Avg. Length 26"
Total Fish Caught 2

Club Director

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