Ocean State Kayak Bassin

Johnston, RI
OSKB IS looking for serious kayak anglers to create a KBF partner club for the 2019 season.

100% payout minus tourney fees!

Events will be $40 with $10 lunker pool optional.

All KBF rules apply.

Club Members

Justin Lacasse
TourneyX Justin LacasseJ. Lacasse
Avg. Length 15.64"
Total Fish Caught 137
Joe Brancato
TourneyX Joe BrancatoJ. Brancato
Avg. Length 15.19"
Total Fish Caught 77
Jay Sebastian
Jay SebastianJ. Sebastian
Avg. Length 14.95"
Total Fish Caught 114
Tyler GravelineT. Graveline
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Aaron Smith
Aaron SmithA. Smith
Avg. Length 15.52"
Total Fish Caught 27
John DiCenzo
TourneyX John DiCenzoJ. DiCenzo
Avg. Length 13.7"
Total Fish Caught 168
Tom DelGrosso
Tom DelGrossoT. DelGrosso
Avg. Length 14.25"
Total Fish Caught 82
Chris Gomes
Chris GomesC. Gomes
Avg. Length 14.17"
Total Fish Caught 35
Michael Gallucci
TourneyX Michael GallucciM. Gallucci
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Kevin Amaral
TourneyX Kevin AmaralK. Amaral
Avg. Length 13.43"
Total Fish Caught 119
TourneyX Robert harnishR. Harnish
Avg. Length 14.83"
Total Fish Caught 49

Club Director

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