Slayed In America

Gardner, IL
A nationwide tournament series for all types of anglers from shore fishermen to kayaks to boats. Only Ketch boards used in these events. Brought to you by Ketch Products and Average Dave Outdoors.

Club Members

David Brooke
TourneyX David BrookeD. Brooke
Avg. Length 16.49"
Total Fish Caught 441
Ron Gerber
TourneyX Ron GerberR. Gerber
Avg. Length 14.4"
Total Fish Caught 73
Adam Gorrell
TourneyX Adam GorrellA. Gorrell
Avg. Length 15.95"
Total Fish Caught 74
Denny Romero
Denny RomeroD. Romero
Avg. Length 14.87"
Total Fish Caught 57
Tim Marion
Tim MarionT. Marion
Avg. Length 17.74"
Total Fish Caught 4
Joshua Evans
TourneyX Joshua EvansJ. Evans
Avg. Length 15.94"
Total Fish Caught 148
Robert Weskamp
TourneyX Robert WeskampR. Weskamp
Avg. Length 16.53"
Total Fish Caught 118
Richard Huff
TourneyX Richard HuffR. Huff
Avg. Length 16.16"
Total Fish Caught 123
Coey Coulson
TourneyX Coey CoulsonC. Coulson
Avg. Length 14.17"
Total Fish Caught 105
Casey Towne
Casey TowneC. Towne
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Joel Scarbrough
TourneyX Joel ScarbroughJ. Scarbrough
Avg. Length 15.26"
Total Fish Caught 692
Frank Macikas
Frank MacikasF. Macikas
Avg. Length 15.74"
Total Fish Caught 39
Bill Cox
TourneyX Bill CoxB. Cox
Avg. Length 18.63"
Total Fish Caught 2
Alan Bender
Alan BenderA. Bender
Avg. Length 14.93"
Total Fish Caught 19

Club Director

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