"SMTNKA" Southern Mid-Tn.Kayak Anglers

Shelbyville, TN
We are a group of kayak anglers located here in Southern Middle Tennessee, several of us are members of other kayak groups. We decided to start this group because of the fast growing number of kayak anglers here in Middle Tn. and several of us have been driving 1 to 2 hours to fish kayak bass tournaments. SMTNKA is a member of KAST, please see KAST Rules. https://www.facebook.com/groups/KayakAnglerSocietyOfTennessee/ This group will focus on setting up and hosting kayak bass tournaments here in Southern Middle Tennessee. Some of these tournaments may be held in conjunction with other kayak groups if we can work out the details. Most tournaments will be on Tims Ford, Normandy Lake, Woods Reservoir. We will throw in some other waters like Nickajack, Guntersville, Williamsport and may be some river fishing. We are looking forward to getting everyone together and fishing.

Club Members

Bradley Finney
Bradley FinneyB. Finney
Avg. Length 15.68"
Total Fish Caught 29
Brian Reynolds
Brian ReynoldsB. Reynolds
Avg. Length 14.51"
Total Fish Caught 40
Trevor Smith
TourneyX Trevor SmithT. Smith
Avg. Length 17.13"
Total Fish Caught 2

Club Director