Southeastern Kentucky Bass Fishing Trail

London, KY
We are a tournament organization located in Laurel County Kentucky.  

We have meet up and online tournaments and catch bass.

2018 we had 107 bass caught and released in our tournaments


Club Members

Travis Travillian
TourneyX Travis TravillianT. Travillian
Avg. Length 13.5"
Total Fish Caught 18
Jake Arnold
TourneyX Jake ArnoldJ. Arnold
Avg. Length 15.23"
Total Fish Caught 10
Ryan Reckman
TourneyX Ryan ReckmanR. Reckman
Avg. Length 12.91"
Total Fish Caught 26
Rick May
Rick MayR. May
Avg. Length 14.38"
Total Fish Caught 28
Michelle NeidighM. Neidigh
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Brad Shaw
Brad ShawB. Shaw
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Jeremy Lemaster
Jeremy LemasterJ. Lemaster
Avg. Length 11.5"
Total Fish Caught 1
Kenny Ratliff
Kenny RatliffK. Ratliff
Avg. Length 10.28"
Total Fish Caught 10
Lee Fox
TourneyX Lee FoxL. Fox
Avg. Length 16.44"
Total Fish Caught 111
Matthew Hoover
Matthew HooverM. Hoover
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Austin Bray
Austin BrayA. Bray
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0

Club Director

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