Southern Arizona Kayak Anglers

Tucson, AZ, AZ
A group for anglers that enjoy fishing from their kayak, kickboats, and/or tubes from any of our Southern AZ lakes. Our goal is to share our enthusiasm and to hopefully hold an amateur recurring tournament circuit.

Club Members

Spencer Peacher
Spencer PeacherS. Peacher
Avg. Length 13.38"
Total Fish Caught 2
Tom Asher
Tom AsherT. Asher
Avg. Length 10.2"
Total Fish Caught 10
Joe Ainsworth
Joe AinsworthJ. Ainsworth
Avg. Length 14.04"
Total Fish Caught 17
Avg. Length 13.35"
Total Fish Caught 10
Calvin HarrisC. Harris
Avg. Length 13.92"
Total Fish Caught 3

Club Director