Illinois , IL
Any anglers who would like to put all there hard work and years of LMBs skills to compete with other anglers all over the USA. 

Club Members

Kirk Price
TourneyX Kirk PriceK. Price
Avg. Length 14.75"
Total Fish Caught 119
Philip Moore
TourneyX Philip MooreP. Moore
Avg. Length 16.05"
Total Fish Caught 319
Michael Press
Michael PressM. Press
Avg. Length 18.24"
Total Fish Caught 22
Blake Hennegan
TourneyX Blake HenneganB. Hennegan
Avg. Length 15.93"
Total Fish Caught 1350
Virgil Baker
TourneyX Virgil BakerV. Baker
Avg. Length 14.45"
Total Fish Caught 197

Club Director

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