TN- Cumberland Kayak Trail (CKT)

Lebanon, TN
CKT is a new kayak bass fishing trail that started in Fall of 2017. All tournaments take place on either J. Percy Priest or Old Hickory lakes. These are fun and competitive events to continue fishing throughout the fall months. More info:

KAST Rules and Regulations Apply
Must fish 3 to qualify for fish-off
Must Fish 5 to qualify for state
All tournaments use TourneyX

Only 12"+ bass will count
4 fish limit per tournament
$30 entry fee
($50 entry for the fish-off)
$5 optional Big Fish

Tournament Director: Lucas HaskinsĀ 
CO- Director : Brian CarrĀ 

Club Members

Lucas Haskins
Lucas HaskinsL. Haskins
Avg. Length 15.4"
Total Fish Caught 66
Travis Kiger
Travis KigerT. Kiger
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Tim Burgin
TourneyX Tim BurginT. Burgin
Avg. Length 8.95"
Total Fish Caught 14
Ricky Barnes
TourneyX Ricky BarnesR. Barnes
Avg. Length 15.84"
Total Fish Caught 105
Heath Barkley
Heath BarkleyH. Barkley
Avg. Length 11.75"
Total Fish Caught 1
Lambert Saipannha
Lambert SaipannhaL. Saipannha
Avg. Length 35.46"
Total Fish Caught 28
Jon Baute
TourneyX Jon BauteJ. Baute
Avg. Length 16.67"
Total Fish Caught 121
Roy Frogge
TourneyX Roy FroggeR. Frogge
Avg. Length 16.29"
Total Fish Caught 138
Jeff Caparo
Jeff CaparoJ. Caparo
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Joshua MurphyJ. Murphy
Avg. Length 13.8"
Total Fish Caught 5
Todd Quillin
TourneyX Todd QuillinT. Quillin
Avg. Length 14.34"
Total Fish Caught 91
Mike ToddM. Todd
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Jamie Lyall
Jamie LyallJ. Lyall
Avg. Length 14.03"
Total Fish Caught 15

Club Director