Sparta, MI
Topwater runs kayak and all craft bass tournaments across the state of Michigan. 2019 will be an exciting year with the Topwater Tournament Series - Presented by Berkley holding 12 kayak only events across Michigan every Tuesday night all summer long. We are also holding 4 statewide online events starting mid June. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for the most up to date info. 

Club Members

Josh Pelant
Josh PelantJ. Pelant
Avg. Length 16.93"
Total Fish Caught 10
Mike Anderson
Mike AndersonM. Anderson
Avg. Length 14.49"
Total Fish Caught 126
Matthew Pawloski
Matthew PawloskiM. Pawloski
Avg. Length 18.37"
Total Fish Caught 43
Chris Budden
TourneyX Chris BuddenC. Budden
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0
Nick Panozzo
Nick PanozzoN. Panozzo
Avg. Length 14.95"
Total Fish Caught 38
Jeff StephensonJ. Stephenson
Avg. Length 14.21"
Total Fish Caught 7
Randy Sexton
TourneyX Randy SextonR. Sexton
Avg. Length 15.44"
Total Fish Caught 13
Anthony LaPrade
Anthony LaPradeA. LaPrade
Avg. Length 14.95"
Total Fish Caught 5
Nicholas Bryson
TourneyX Nicholas BrysonN. Bryson
Avg. Length 16.05"
Total Fish Caught 20
Matt Linsenman
TourneyX Matt LinsenmanM. Linsenman
Avg. Length 16.55"
Total Fish Caught 282
Rich Soderquist
TourneyX Rich SoderquistR. Soderquist
Avg. Length 14.16"
Total Fish Caught 96
Ben Geiger
Ben GeigerB. Geiger
Avg. Length 13.62"
Total Fish Caught 9
Derrick Conkle
TourneyX Derrick ConkleD. Conkle
Avg. Length 14.21"
Total Fish Caught 13
Christopher Culbertson
TourneyX Christopher CulbertsonC. Culbertson
Avg. Length 15.63"
Total Fish Caught 88
Donny Warren
TourneyX Donny WarrenD. Warren
Avg. Length 15.11"
Total Fish Caught 9
Dyllen Heidenrich
TourneyX Dyllen HeidenrichD. Heidenrich
Avg. Length 15.4"
Total Fish Caught 53
Colby Martin
Colby MartinC. Martin
Avg. Length 14.75"
Total Fish Caught 1
Sean Dowling
TourneyX Sean DowlingS. Dowling
Avg. Length 16.2"
Total Fish Caught 247
bailey bryantB. Bryant
Avg. Length 0"
Total Fish Caught 0

Club Director