Shanda Murray

Randallstown, MD

Shanda Murray

Shanda Murray

Randallstown, MD


Business Term Paper Ideas

  • Absha Oil Gas Company : Performance Management Plan.

This paper is on the performance management plan of the Absha Oil & Gas Company. Performance management and performance appraisals are one of the most complex activities testing interpersonal skills at the very least. When writing an essay you have to discuss the Performance Management Pla... at the Absha Oil & Gas Company. 

  • Accommodations for Psychiatric Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act has been a substantial boon to those with physical disabilities "who can now ask employers to do such things as install ramps for wheelchairs and make office equipment accessible to people who are deaf or have limited vision"  so long as these accommodations are "reasonable". What constitutes such a standard of reasonableness has, as one might expect, been a matter of much debate, some civil, some informal, some taking place within courtrooms. Employers have tended to argue that many of the accommodations requested by those arguing for disability rights are not reasonable because of the financial cost involved while those who advocate making workplaces accessible argue that not only is it the right thing to do but that employers will benefit in the end because they will gain the expertise " and loyalty " of qualified workers (Rogers etal., 1997).

  • AccountPro and MYOB: A Comparison and Contrast.

This five-page undergraduate paper is a report for the president of Dogwash of a comparison and contrast study of MYOB and AccountPro. There is very little comparison between the systems. AccountPro is recommended for many reasons

  • Accountability and Social Responsibility in Business.

This paper presents cases through which it is clear that there is a need for accountability within business as well as a focus on social issues. Cases that are used are the Tylenol tampering incident at Johnson & Johnson and the incident with Nestle's baby food products in Africa. Both of these cases present an excellent means of examining the need for accountability and social responsibility in business as they occurred during the 1980s and the impact of these incidents on the companies in question is therefore already fully realized. Use statistics help to find more information for your paper writing.

  • Accounting And Real Estate.

This paper is on real estate and accounting. An article has been take, and summarized. The article is called "Real Estate Financial Reporting Issues in the Enron Aftermath", which first appeared in the New York Real Estate Journal. The article is by David F. Stringfield and James L. Koster II.


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