William Burt

Russellville, AR

William Burt

William Burt

Russellville, AR


Well here I am trying to tell you a little about myself so where to begin...

I am old, fat, and really love to bass fish from a kayak. Some say I look like the stay puff marshmallow man floating on a popsicle stick. Personally I think I look more like a bowling ball that grew legs and is trying to escape on a bicycle and failing dramatically. I also do not take myself seriously nor do I take life seriously.????

So I all seriousness...

I was born in Oklahoma and grew up fishing on Ski Island Lake. There I caught my first bass and was hooked. It is also the lake I caught my first and on...
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Personal Best

19.75" Yak-Bassin' South Central Region Championship Bass


Me myself and I

Anyone who sends me free stuff like fishing or yak gear, a sticker, a hat, or a shirt..I have no shame


Old Town Topwater 106 PDL