AddBass Fishing Region 1 April Month Long Bass

April 1st 6:00 am - April 30th 8:00 pm 2021,  Eastern • Custom

AddBass Region 1 ---- ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, PA, NY

Must be within those states to compete in this Regions tourney.  

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Dates: April 1st 2021– April 30 2021

Entry: $35

Optional Big Bass Side Pot: $5 (100% Payout to Largest bass)

Tourney is open to all within region 1 that want to fish it but there is a 200 Angle cap no memberships required.

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Registration Link for Free AOY Point Entry:

Location: Nationwide

Format: Online CPR

Species: Black Bass (largemouth/smallmouth/spotted/etc)

Limit: 5 bass limit, 12” minimum Tourney will auto cull to the 5 largest you post

Long Version of Rules & Regs:

 The Gist:


1.       Eligibility

-          Watercraft, Kayaks, canoes, SUPs, inflatable boats, Bank etc..

-          Entry must be paid prior to tournament start time.

-          If caught from watercraft, the watercraft must be visible in all pictures.

-          Public waters only!  No private ponds/lakes.


2.       Fish

-          All black bass are eligible (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, etc)

-          Fish must be caught using conventional methods using artificial bait. (No live bait)

-          All fish must appear healthy and unharmed (no stringers, lip grips, etc) Anglers may utilize a donkey leash style tether while preparing to take a photo.


4.       Submissions


-         Location service must be turned on withing the device you are taking pictures with.

-          Fish should be measured using a Trough style bump board such as the Ketch or Hawg Trough. The device must have each .25” line clearly marked as well as a mark at where the bump meets the board.

-          Fish shall be facing left with dorsal fin facing up and the entire fish shown in the submission

-          Bottom lip must be touching end of bump board. 

-          Mouth MUST be closed

-          Tournament identifier must be visible in all pictures.  Official AddBass identifier provides 1 AOY point per submission for those signed up for AOY eligibility but does not provide an advantage for tournament length.

-          All photos must be uploaded to TourneyX within 24 hours after fish is photographed and prior to the end of the tournament.


5.       Scoring

-          Fish will be scored to the nearest .25”, rounding down

-          Fish will be scored to nearest legible line on measuring board

-          Fish tail must cross .25” line to be measured to that line

-          A .50” deduction will be assessed if mouth not fully closed

-          Up to 1” deduction for excessive squeezing of the fish (Judges discretion)

-           A .50 deduction for having hand under the gill plate of the fish.


6.       Deadlines

-          Deadline for paying entry fee is Tournament start time.

-          Identifier will be posted on TourneyX by midnight prior to the tournament

-          All fish must be submitted by tournament end time of 8:00 PM EST of the last day of the event. 

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Apr 3rd, 2021
Andre Hooks
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