ECKS - Season Long Rip'n Lips Challenge

March 1st 6:00 am - November 30th 11:59 pm 2021,  Eastern • Custom
Welcome to ECKS first annual season long challenge.  This tournament is for any public waters east of the Mississippi and will consist of your top ten (10) bass of the season.  The payout spots will increase by every 10 anglers.  

2-10 anglers - Winner Take All

11-20 anglers - 1st and 2nd (60/40)

21-30 anglers - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (50/30/20)

..........and so on. 

Here's how the entry fee will be broken down:

$5.00 TourneyX Fee

$3.00 PayPal Fee

$10.00 Charity Donation

$57 Pot

There is a Big Bass side pot ($10 per).   Winner takes all  

Donations from this event will go to the Make a Wish Foundation  

Must fish public waters that everyone has access to.  No private lakes/ponds.

This is a CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) tournament. 

The identifier will be released at 9pm the night before the starting date.

Since this is a season long event, the identifier does not have to be on an ECKS identifier card.  The identifier code must be legible.  If one letter of the code is smeared, the picture will be denied. 

Approved measuring boards only:

Ketch Board

Hawg Trough

All measuring boards but be single piece.

Fish's mouth must be closed. Again, FISH'S MOUTH MUST BE CLOSED!  

No regional divisions, just a free for all bass party!

Trolling for fish is prohibited.

One rod in the water at a time.  To make that more clear, if you don't catch the fish on the rod that's in your hand, it doesn't count. 

Artificial Bait Only

Kayaks can have ELECTRIC MOTORS ONLY no stronger than 70lb thrust or 3hp and must be 100% in compliance with your states boating regulations. 

PFDs must be worn at all times.

Each angler takes part in this event at his/her own risk.  ECKS cannot be held responsible for any injuries to persons, damage to equipment, or penalties incurred by the angler by the respective states fishing/legal authority.  

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