Hobie BOS Broken Bow Lake 2021

Broken Bow, OK
March 6th 6:30 am - March 7th 5:00 pm 2021,  Central • Multi-Day Tournament


The third stop of the Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power Pole finally takes us to Oklahoma. Broken Bow will be rolling out the red carpet for our anglers and showcasing a gem of a lake known for numbers and giant largemouth bass. Amazing scenery and ample lodging opportunities away from large population areas will create a special experience for our anglers. A year ago, we set a BOS attendance record in this region, and we aim to do it again! Get registered and be part a great time and maybe the largest event to date!

Anglers will be fishing for large cash payouts and the top 3 anglers will automatically qualify for our 50 angler Tournament of Champions held on Lake Eufaula, in Eufaula AL.  This event will be the second point bearing event counting towards the coveted Angler of the Year Title presented by FarWide the Outdoor Access App.

Along with completing this registration, angler must complete the following electronic forms to participate:

HCC and BOS 2021 Liability, Photo and Covid Release, adults (Choose if you are 18 yrs or older) 

HCC and BOS 2021 Liability, Photo and Covid Release, minors (Choose if you are 17 yrs or younger)

Please review    2021 Rules and the  2021 Handbook for all the questions on this event and this season.

Event Information:

Broken Bow Lake March 6-7

Host of this event will be McCurtain County, OK

Event check-in will be Carson Creek Lake/ Grasshopper ramp and parking lot.

Event Timeline:

All times for this event will be Central Standard Time

Feb 12th- Guide rule is in effect.

March 1st - Official practice period begins

March 3rd - 11:59pm Registration closes

March 5th-

4:00 pm – Practice ends
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm – Drive- thru registration and board- check
7:30 pm – Virtual Rules Meeting via Facebook page and YouTube

March 6th-

6:00am - First launch
6:30 am – Fishing begins
3:00 pm - Fishing ends
4:00 pm – Submission deadline
6:30 pm – Day 1 Virtual Meeting via Facebook Page and YouTube. Day 2 ID Code released

March 7th-

6:00 am - First launch
6:30 am – Fishing begins
3:00 pm – Fishing ends
4:00 pm – Submission deadline
5:00 pm – Awards ceremony for top 10%. Location To be announced to anglers.


Any public access or ramp within the physical boundaries of the lake and published Launch boundaries will be considered a legal launch.  

The final legal launch on the North end of the lake heading towards the river is the McCurtain Co. Wilderness Area Boat Ramp.  Exact location can be found on your FarWide App, The Outdoor Access App.


We are fortunate to have a great community with ample opportunities for affordable as well as luxury lodging. This venue would be the perfect place to bring the spouse or family and allow them to relax in these amazing cabins while you enjoy the fishing. Or check out plenty of hotels nearby and try some of the unique eateries in the area.

 Visit https://visitmccurtaincounty.com/  for all your hospitality needs on your trip to McCurtain County, Oklahoma.

For Cabins –

Beavers Bend Adventures  https://beaversbendadventures.com/

Beavers Bend Creative Escapes https://www.beaversbendcreativeescape.com/

Blue Beaver Cabins https://www.bluebeavercabins.com/

Five Star Cabins  https://www.fivestarcabins.com/

Sundown Cabins  https://www.sundowncabinrentals.com/

 Heartpine Hollow Cabins  https://heartpinehollow.com/ 

 For hotels – 

 Lakeview Lodge – located right on Broken Bow Lake https://www.travelok.com/listings/view.profile/id.13234   or call 580-494-6179

The New Hochatown Lodge – located at the entrance to Beavers Bend near lake 580-494-6099

 The Charles Wesley Motor Lodge – located in Broken Bow https://www.magnusonhotels.com/hotel/charles-wesley-motor-lodge  580-584-3303

 Hi-Way Inn – located in Broken Bow newly remodeled (pics on web are old ones)  http://www.hiwayinnexpressbrokenbow.com/  580-584-7400

newly remodeled (pics on web are old ones)  http://www.hiwayinnexpressbrokenbow.com/  580-584-7400


Anglers: 110
Fish Caught: 586
RkAnglerDay 1Day 2Total
Rus Snyders
TourneyX Rus SnydersR. Snyders
Day 1: 88.25"Day 2: 82.25"
Justin Brewer
TourneyX Justin BrewerJ. Brewer
Day 1: 84"Day 2: 84.25"
Luke Aryan
TourneyX Luke AryanL. Aryan
Day 1: 78.25"Day 2: 85.75"
Tou Vue
TourneyX Tou VueT. Vue
Day 1: 77.25"Day 2: 85.5"
Nick Matthews
TourneyX Nick MatthewsN. Matthews
Day 1: 77.75"Day 2: 84"
Cody Milton
TourneyX Cody MiltonC. Milton
Day 1: 83.75"Day 2: 76.5"
Zack Hall
TourneyX Zack HallZ. Hall
Day 1: 84.75"Day 2: 74.25"
James Haeberle
TourneyX James HaeberleJ. Haeberle
Day 1: 80.25"Day 2: 78.5"
Jordan Marshall
TourneyX Jordan MarshallJ. Marshall
Day 1: 84"Day 2: 72.5"
Rick Valadez
TourneyX Rick ValadezR. Valadez
Day 1: 75"Day 2: 80.5"
Dwain Batey
TourneyX Dwain BateyD. Batey
Day 1: 77.5"Day 2: 76.5"
David Byrd
TourneyX David ByrdD. Byrd
Day 1: 76.75"Day 2: 75.75"
Matthew Scotch
Matthew ScotchM. Scotch
Day 1: 75.5"Day 2: 75"
The Mexecutioner
TourneyX The MexecutionerT. Mexecutioner
Day 1: 75.5"Day 2: 71.75"
Jeff Malott
Jeff MalottJ. Malott
Day 1: 74"Day 2: 72.75"
Dave Sewell
Dave SewellD. Sewell
Day 1: 70.25"Day 2: 75.75"
Michael Ring
TourneyX Michael RingM. Ring
Day 1: 71.5"Day 2: 74.5"
Eric Thomason
TourneyX Eric ThomasonE. Thomason
Day 1: 70.75"Day 2: 75"
Guillermo Gonzalez
TourneyX Guillermo GonzalezG. Gonzalez
Day 1: 66"Day 2: 79.25"
Jason Ray
TourneyX Jason RayJ. Ray
Day 1: 68.75"Day 2: 75"
Jeremy Mitchell
TourneyX Jeremy MitchellJ. Mitchell
Day 1: 78.25"Day 2: 65"
Jason Adams
TourneyX Jason AdamsJ. Adams
Day 1: 72.75"Day 2: 68.25"
Kyle Long
TourneyX Kyle LongK. Long
Day 1: 60"Day 2: 80.5"
Keaton Voeghtly
TourneyX Keaton VoeghtlyK. Voeghtly
Day 1: 68.25"Day 2: 70"
Garrett Morgan
TourneyX Garrett MorganG. Morgan
Day 1: 72"Day 2: 65.5"

Daily Big Fish

Mar 6th, 2021
James Haeberle
TourneyX James HaeberleJ. HaeberleColcord, OK
Mar 7th, 2021
Tou Vue
TourneyX Tou VueT. VueOklahoma City, OK
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