IL GRBY Newton- Trail

Newton, IL
May 13th 6:00 am - May 17th 3:00 pm 2021,  Central • Multi-Single Day

IL Grass Roots Bass Yakin- Trail Series

DEADLINE TO REGISTER:  Is 1 minute before lines in on Thursday of the tournament. 

This is a multi SINGLE day tournament.  Everyone gets one day to fish, but you get to pick which day you fish. 

Per Day Angler Limit: 10 per day 

Lake: Newton Lake 

Tournament Date: 5/13 through 5/17. You pick one day. 

Captains meetings: None for the regular season tournaments 

Tournament fishing time: 6:00 am- 2:00 pm for each day. 

You will be given 1 hour after lines out to submit your fish. Only picture with the correct daily code with a picture time stamp for the allowed fishing time will be counted. We recommend you upload your fish as you go and not wait until the end of the day. 

 Entry Fee: $35 ($5 big bass, $5 paypal/admin fee and $5 Tourneyx fee included) 

Launch: All public access locations per KBF rules 

 Fish Limit: 5 Black Bass per day. 

Size Limit: 8"

Black Bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth, Kentucky Spotted Bass, etc) 

Scoring: This is a CPR event. Each fish must be photographed on a Ketch Board? measuring device following KBF rules. The picture must be uploaded to the Tourneyx site for judging in the allotted time frame. The fish will be judged by length to the ¼” mark per KBF standards. Deductions and DQ's will be determined per KBF rules. 

Tie Breakers: Tie breakers will be based on longest bass. If the longest bass are the same, we will go to the next longest bass until we determine ranking. 

Ties on Big Bass will go to the next biggest bass until we determine a winner. If all bass are equal, the pot will be split. 

Payout:  We pay the top 10% of the anglers. Our payout scale is posted in our files section within our FB group. 

Refunds: No refunds after signing up. If foul weather is in play on the day you sign up, please pick your safety over this competition.  Please see our rules for tournaments days that are cancelled for foul weather.  

Waiver: All competitors must sign a liability waiver to participate in any GRBY tournament. 

Identifier: There is no designated identifier for your code to go on. As long as it is written on something and not covering the fish. No writing on hands.

Daily Big Fish

May 14th, 2021
Mark Thompson
TourneyX Mark ThompsonM. ThompsonFairbury, IL
May 15th, 2021
David Brooke
TourneyX David BrookeD. BrookeGardner, IL
May 16th, 2021
Bryan Sparks
TourneyX Bryan SparksB. SparksSwitz City, IN
May 17th, 2021
John Diniz
TourneyX John DinizJ. DinizMonticello, IL