S.C. BASS Scramble Lake Murray

Columbia, SC
May 15th 7:00 am - May 15th 5:30 pm 2021,  Eastern • 1 Day Tourney





This is a 3 series event.

Dates are

May 15

 Lake Murray

July 17

 Lake Wateree final event invitation only

top 5 finishers from each of the two previous events will be invited for finals

 1st place 100% payout

 2nd place will recieve mystery tackle box worth $50.00

OPEN to all Anglers, no membership required

Youth anglers welcome. If youth is to young to operate boat solo. Then the driver can be presemt in the boat. The driver is not allowed to compete or assist the youth unless he or she has paid tournament entry fee as well.

 Any cheating will forfeit your entry and your entry fee.

if you have questions please message 

Ndn Iyeska on FB msg directly 

Or txt 3607065497

Limit: 5 Fish

Tournament Hours:

Lines-in:  8:00  A.M.

Lines out:  5:30 P.M.

Minimum 4 anglers or tournament will be cancelled.

Entry Fee: per angler $100.00 PER EVENT

When paying with PayPal please list what event you are paying for. ie " wateree SC bass scramble"

Payout: will be

1st place 75%

2nd place 10%

Big fish 10%  

after TourneyX ($5/angler), PayPal Fees (2.9% + $0.30 / Angler) & angler for administration costs.

The Identifier will be available on TourneyX at 7:55. The night prior to tournaments

*5 Fish Limit

* Minimum fish size is 12"

* Ketch Board & Hawg Trough Measurimg Boards styles preferred.  No tape  measures.

* Motors Allowed


All bass must be caught alive in a conventional sporting manner by the angler.

LAKE WATEREE Public lake waters only.  No private ponds , lakes, or public rivers.

• All lures must adhere to state regulations.

Only artificial lures may be used, except for pork trailers and biodegradable soft baits.

Only ONE fishing rod may be used at a time. Each cast must be completed before another cast is allowed and there can never be more than one lure from one rod actively fishing in the water at any time.

All bass caught while sight-fishing must be hooked inside the mouth.

Trolling as a method of fishing is NOT allowed. Long-lining and drifting with current/wind are allowed. Trolling is defined as directly using the vessel's propulsion to present a lure.

An angler's catch must be safely released before casting or fishing may resume.



Scoring is determined by length using ¼ inch increments of each contestant's catch during each tournament day via the Catch, Photograph, and Release (CPR) method.

Competitors will be provided with a unique identifier for each tournament to be used in each photo submission.

The (5) five longest verified App Length of individual fish will be totaled for the angler score.


Each fish photo must include all the following criteria to avoid disqualification:

1.      The entire Bass, from the tip of the lip to the end of the tail, on an approved measuring device.

2.      Laying with the tip of the lip against the post (Bump) end of the measuring device.

3.      Measuring device post (Bump) must be visible.

4.      The mouth of the Bass must be CLOSED COMPLETELY.

5.      The tail of the Bass must be lying flat on the board and will be measured to the longest point.

6.      Touching the tail to position it on the board so that it is on the measure increments is allowed.

7.      Bass orientation must be facing to the left, tail to the right.

8.      Measuring device markings must be clearly visible. Including the actual numbers.

9.      Assigned identifier's number must be clearly visible.

10.   One overhead photo shot frame (not shot at a drastic angle).

11.   Fish must be clear of any holding devices including fishing lure or hook.

12.   Lip, eye, and tail cannot be obstructed in the photo, even by your hand or identifier.

13.   Hand or fingers must not be under the gill plate.                                    

14. Hand is permitted on the fish.    

15. Fish must be placed in a net or fish grip device and placed back in the water while reviewing photographs or submitting your pictures

As always show respect to fellow anglers, follow the rules, and have fun.

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