TCKA-21 February Slot Tournamen

January 31st 12:00 am - February 28th 11:59 pm 2021,  Central • Custom
This is a Slot Style, CPR NATIONWIDE tournament!

$32 entry.

100% payout after TourneyX (5/anger), PayPal Fees (2.9% + $0.30 / Angler), $2 for administration costs

You may only sign up for the Month-Long Trophy or the Slot Tourney. You can not sign up for both.

Blue, Flathead, and Channel catfish are acceptable. 

PFD must be worn at all times, while on the water.

  4 fish must measure between 18”-30” and you get one fish over-slot(kicker), for a total of five.

  There is NO auto-cull!  You must manually cull out your own catches.

  All TCKA RULES apply, please read and understand them all. 

You must agree with the waiver. 

15. Safety

A. During the competition, every Competitor must have all required Coast Guard safety equipment, (e.g., light source, whistle or another audible signal device, Coast Guard-approved chest-type life preserver [PFD]). See

B. PFD Usage — At all times, except as described below (Rule 15.C. PFD Wear Exception) while on the water during competition hours, Competitors must wear either an inherent-flotation or inflatable USCG-certified PFD, either vest-style or float jacket. A belt-style PFD, even one that deploys as a vest, is not permitted during Competition. The PFD must be properly positioned and adjusted to conform with USGC and manufacturers' instructions. When an infraction, as described above, is verified by the Tournament Director, the competitor is disqualified from participation in the event.

C. PFD Wear Exception — If all of the following conditions exist, Competitor may briefly remove his PFD while afloat in order to change, add or remove articles of clothing:

i. No fishing lines are in the water; and

ii. The watercraft is not underway; and

iii. Weather and water conditions permit one to do so safely; and

iv. Competitor is over the age of 12.

When finished changing his attire, Competitor must immediately put the PFD back on before resuming navigation, fishing, or any other competition-related activity.

Practice cold weather kayak safety! FISH AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Registration Deadline 3/31 @11:59pm (CT)  

Virtual Captain's Meeting must be watched on 3/31 @ 7:00 pm Central in the TCKA Facebook group

For the Captain' Meeting, more information and to stay connected, join our group on Facebook, Trophy Catfish Kayak Anglers  or visit the TCKA Website

Acceptable measuring boards include the Hawg Trough (if the fish is 30" or less) manufactured by Hagen's (pictured below), a FishStik Version 2 (with Bump Board Arrows and Lock Slide if the fish is 36" or less), Rapala 60" Mag folding board (Be careful to review pics before submission, these boards can be hard for judges to read), Tyrant Roll Away Bump Board (Top of this board must be visible in pics, to show there is no folding of the board), Danielson 60" Anodized Aluminum board, Muskey Bumper (Left Handed version) and the Ketch Co Measuring Board (providing the particular board is as long or longer than fish being measured). Measuring boards may be shortened by removing inches from the upper end (opposite the fence) For example, one may cut a measuring board off at the 26-inch mark in order to fit cross-ways between a watercraft's gunwales. However, it may not be broken, snapped, or cut apart and then reassembled at any point between the two ends. A crack that does not separate the measuring board into pieces and does not affect the measuring board's accuracy may be repaired and reinforced for use. Violation will result in denial of photos.

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