09 2019 September TNKATT Online

September 1st 6:00 am - September 30th 11:59 pm Eastern, 2019 • Custom

TNKATT September Online

Compete for the 2018-19 ONLINE AOY
(Total inches from your best 7 out of 12 events). 

September 1 through September 30, 2019

Non-Fishing Tournament Judge: Justin Spradlin

Registration open all month

$30 Registration Fee ($5 to club funds)
      $25 Payout*
      1st 50% plus Trophy
      2nd 30%
      3rd 20% 
* TourneyX Paid by Frontier Outdoors USA

$6 Optional Big Bass Pot ($1 to club funds)

      No TourneyX Fee
      No PayPal Expense 
      Trophy by Frontier Outdoors USA

5 Fish, 12" minimum

Publicly accessible Tennessee waters

Identifier may be written on your hand and will be your unique Tourney X ID, or you may download our ID CARD at TNKATT ID 

GPS location must be on or fish will be DQ'd

Sign our wavier. Follow this link: 

Earn 2018-19 TNKATT Online Trail AOY Points. 

*2018-19 Online Trail AOY:  
Compete for the 2018-19 ONLINE AOY (Total inches from your best 7 out of 12 events).  TNKATT Online events participants will be awarded points toward the TNKATT Online Trail AOY.  AOY will be determined by a total of seven (7) out of twelve (12) events   Points equal total inches plus one inch for the Big Bass.

To be eligible for the Online AOY you must be a TNKATT member and fish in no less than six (6) TNKATT Online Events.  

AOY will be based on your best seven events (or six if that is all you fished).   

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