1706 - OR/WA KBF State Challenge June 2017

June 1st 4:00 am - June 30th 6:00 pm Pacific, 2017 • Custom

BEFORE REGISTERING, read the KBF Rules for this Challenge, located on the June 2017  KBF State Challenge Calendar Event Page.  Additional information may be provided on TourneyX and Facebook. If there are any discrepancies, KBF Rules take precedence.  

AS A CONDITION FOR PARTICIPATING IN THIS KBF-sanctioned event, each competitor affirms he has read, understands, and agrees to abide by the rules, terms, conditions, and standards presented in the following two documents:

  • The "KBF Competition Rules Standards," including a "Release and Indemnification Agreement" and a "Copyright and Use of Images Agreement")
  • The specific rules and restrictions outlined in the "Event Rules Addendum" on the KBF Calendar Event page

Eligibility: Only KBF Members in good standing who comply with all regulations permitting them to fish in the waters of this state (or states in this merged group) are eligible to compete in this KBF State Challenge.

NOTE: Any person who registers for this event and is NOT a KBF Member at start-of-competition time is not eligible to win prizes, KBF-NC Slots, or KBF AOY Points.

The minimum number of registrants for this event to qualify as a KBF State Challenge is 10. States with fewer than 10 will be merged with one or more other states having similar black bass characteristics. Once merged, states remain so for the remainder of the series.

For additional details and complete rules, refer to the KBF Calendar Event Page.

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