2017 KBF TRAIL - Winnipesaukee

Gilford, NH
July 8th 6:00 am - July 8th 3:00 pm Eastern, 2017 • Custom

Detail and KBF Rules for this Tournament are on the 2017 KBF TRAIL Series - Winnipesaukee KBF Calendar Event page. Information below is provided for your convenience. If discrepancies exist between this page and KBF Competition Rules, the Rules take precedence.  

As a condition of registering for this KBF-sanctioned event, each competitor affirms he has read, understands, and agrees to abide by the rules, terms, conditions, and standards presented in the following two documents:

  • The "KBF Competition Rules Standards," including a "Release and Indemnification Agreement" and a "Copyright and Use of Images Agreement")
  • The specific rules and restrictions outlined in the "KBF Event Rules Addendum" on the KBF Website Event page

KBF Partner Host: Mass Kayak Bassin

Tournament Director: Ken Wood
Email: ken@kallenwood.com
Phone: (617) 620-9104

Registration Deadline: 8PM, day before competition

Identifier Release: 8PM, day before competition

KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments are presented by Torqeedo and sponsored by NuCanoe.

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Anglers: 6
Fish Caught: 0
RkAnglerFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5Total
#1Jason Gardner TourneyX Jason GardnerJ. Gardner
#2Matt Mcgee TourneyX Matt McgeeM. Mcgee
#3Thomas Mee Thomas MeeT. Mee
#4Adam Rourke TourneyX Adam RourkeA. Rourke
#5Bruce Sullivan TourneyX Bruce SullivanB. Sullivan
#6Ken Wood TourneyX Ken WoodK. Wood

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