2019 Kayak Bass League Open

Newton, IL
May 4th 6:00 am - May 5th 2:30 pm Central, 2019 • Multi-Day Tournament

The 2019 Kayak Bass League Open will be a two-day event on May 4th and 5th on Newton Lake in Newton, Illinois.  This event will be hosted by the Kayak Bass League and fully sponsored by JayDiz Fishing out of Monticello, IL.  The tournament will be limited to 50 entries and sign ups will be first come first serve.

Number of Entries: 50

Entry Fee/Angler: $75 ($57 to tournament pot, $10 to big bass pot, $8 to TourneyX/Paypal fees)

Liability Waivers:  Every participant must sign a release of liability waiver.  They will be emailed to you once you sign up.  You need to fill them out and email them to TD@kayakbassleague.com before May 3rd @ 8 PM to participate.  You will be DQ'ed from the event without it.

Online Captain’s Meeting: May 3rd @ 7 PM on Kayak Bass League facebook page (must be watched)

Identifiers Released in TourneyX Dashboard:  May 2nd @ 12 PM…please contact TD if needed sooner

Pre-Fishing: Pre-Fishing will end at 5 PM on May 3rd.  The lake will be off limits after that time as well as in between competition days.

Tournament Code Released:  May 3rd @ 10 PM

Launch Location Day 1: Cold water ramp (East side of lake off of N. 500th Street)

Launch Location Day 2: Hot water ramp (West side of lake off of N. 300th Street)

Launch Time:  5:30 AM both days

Lines In (Start Fishing): 6:00 AM both days

Lines Out (Stop Fishing): 2:00 PM both days

Fish Submission Cut-Off: 2:30 PM both days

Check-In @ Outdoor Sportsman Lodge on Day 1:  3:00 PM on May 4th

Check-In @ Hot Side ramp on Day 2: 3:00 PM on May 5th

You must check-in with the KBL staff on Day 1 and Day 2 or you will have your catches DQ'ed for that day of competition!

Eligible Fish Species: Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass

Minimum Fish Length:  12.00 inches

Fish Limit per Day: 5 (culling is allowed)

Certified Measuring Boards:  Ketch Products or Hawg Trough bump boards ONLY


There will be 1 paid place for every 7 participants.  If we have a full field of 50, we will pay out a total of 7 places.  We will be paying out 100% of the tournament pot and the big bass pot.  The payout percentages will be as follows…

1-13 Participants:  1st Place = 100%

14-20 Participants:  1st Place = 60%, 2nd Place = 40%

21-27 Participants:  1st Place = 50%, 2nd Place = 30%, 3rd Place = 20%

28-34 Participants:  1st Place = 50%, 2nd Place = 25%, 3rd Place = 15%, 4th Place = 10%

35-41 Participants:  1st Place = 50%, 2nd Place = 22.5%, 3rd Place = 12.5%, 4th Place = 10%, 5th Place = 5%

42-48 Participants:  1st Place = 45%, 2nd Place = 20%, 3rd Place = 12.5%, 4th Place = 10%, 5th Place = 7.5%, 6th Place = 5%

49-50 Participants:  1st Place = 45%, 2nd Place = 17.5%, 3rd Place = 12.5%, 4th Place = 10%, 5th Place = 7.5%, 6th Place = 4.5%, 7th Place = 3%

Big Bass Day 1: 50% of the Big Bass Pot

Big Bass Day 2: 50% of the Big Bass Pot

We will be guaranteeing $1,000 minimum to first place once we reach 33 participants.  We will also pay out $100 to the smallest limit weighed in between days 1 and 2.

Payouts will be paid to the winners through PayPal the Wednesday following the event to account for the 24 hour protest period.

Sponsor Prizes/BBQ:

JayDiz Fishing has been working with several manufacturers to provide raffle prizes for this event.  Sponsors will include…

Bonafide Kayaks, JayDiz Fishing/Rodz, Werner paddles, YakAttack, NRS, Fish Head…plus many more soon to be finalized!

The very last and most important thing is JayDiz fishing will be providing a full spread of BBQ on Saturday after Day 1 is over at the Outdoor Sportsman’s Lodge that is right near the lake.  The Day 1 weigh-in and results will be at the same location.




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