2019 OKBF Crane Prairie Reservoir

La Pine, OR
July 27th 5:45 am - July 27th 3:15 pm Pacific, 2019 • 1 Day Tourney

Event Details

Check In Location: 

  • TBD

Weigh-In Location: 

  • TBD

Eligible Water Boundaries: 

  • Crane Prairie Reservoir, including sloughs and tributaries accessed via kayak from the main lake.

Launch Locations:

  • There are five improved ramps, and two unimproved ramps on Crane Prairie. See details here: Crane Prairie Camping and Boating Information
  • There are also a number of locations to launch from campsites, both in organized campgrounds, and at dispersed campsites.
  • You may launch from any of the above, just make sure you are not crossing private property to launch and there's adequate parking.
  • Some of the ramps have day fees or approx $5.

On-Site Tournament Director: 

  • Marvin Forte


Friday, 07/26/2019

  • 4:00 pm - Prefishing Cutoff 
  • 9:00 pm - Identifier Code released on TourneyX
    Identifier does not always appear in the app, check the browser version of TourneyX.

Saturday, 07/27/2019

  • 4:45am - Check-In at TBD
    5:15am - Launch (first light)
    Anglers may launch where they wish, only after checking in with the Tournament Director. 
  • 5:45am - Competition Start Time/First Cast
  • 5:49am - Sunrise
  • 1:45pm - End of Competition/Lines Out
  • 2:45pm - Photo Upload Deadline
    Competitors who have not been able to upload their photos must be in line at weigh-in location by 2:45pm. At 2:46pm, any competitors who are not in line and have not uploaded any photos will be disqualified from the event. Cellular service on the lake is poor, so make SURE you get to the weigh-in location by 2:45 pm to upload upload your photos.
  • 3:15 pm - Competitor Weigh-in Deadline
    All remaining competitors who have uploaded their photos must be in line at weigh-in by 3:15pm. At 3:16pm, any competitors who are not in line will be disqualified from the event.
  • Awards Ceremony and raffle prizes after weigh-in. Must be present to receive prize(s).  

Membership with OKBF or KFNW is required to participate. You can sign up for a membership here: OKBF Membership 

All rules are available here: OKBF Rules Standard

Download your identifier blanks here: OKBF Identifiers 

OKBF Tournament Director

Marvin Forte
email: kfnw.marvin@gmail.com
phone: 602-410-1002

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Cody Allison
Cody AllisonC. Allison
Matthew Burdick
Matthew BurdickM. Burdick
Marvin Forte
TourneyX Marvin ForteM. Forte
Josh Grimes
Josh GrimesJ. Grimes
Robert Hammond
Robert HammondR. Hammond
Gage LoveallG. Loveall
Kegan Pankratz
Kegan PankratzK. Pankratz
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