2019 OKBF Honey Hole Online Challenge

September 1st 12:00 am - September 30th 11:59 pm Pacific, 2019 • Custom


  • Biggest five bass of the month wins!
  • Only largemouth and smallmouth bass are eligible.
  • Only bass that are 8 inches or longer are eligible.
  • Only bass caught from private waters are eligible.
  • Must have GPS on for photo submissions.

An annual or single event membership with OKBF or KFNW is required to participate. You can sign up for a membership here: OKBF Membership

Download your identifier blanks here: OKBF Identifiers

The identifier code will appear in TourneyX at the date and time that the tournaments begins.

There's a slight delay between when you sign up and when your identifier code appears. Signing up 24 hours before you want to fish is recommended!

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Matthew Burdick
Matthew BurdickM. Burdick
Marvin Forte
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