201909 KBF TRAIL TX Reg Lake Fork, TX

Alba, TX
September 28th 6:30 am - September 29th 3:30 pm Central, 2019 • Multi-Day Tournament


KBF TRAIL Series Tournament Registrant affirms that he has read, understands, and as a condition of participation in the Event agrees to abide by KBF Competition Rules , which are in two parts:

Registrant further affirms that he has filled out, submitted, and agrees to the terms and conditions of the Kayak Bass Fishing Waiver & Release of Liability Agreement.

Eligibility: KBF Competitor or Lifetime Membership is required to register and compete in any KBF TRAIL Series Tournament, to be eligible to win prizes and KBF AOY Points, and to qualify for the 2019 KBF TRAIL Series Championship and 2020 KBF National Championship. [Learn More] [Join KBF]

Top-ranked competitors in this event also qualify to win up to $1700 in extra cash and product bonuses from KBF and its sponsors. [Enroll in KBF BONUS BUCKS]

An optional side pot, the KBF Big Bass Brawl pays $50 hourly ($100 during the "Golden Hour"), additional $50 BONUS BUCKS Mystery Bass, $500 daily and another $500 overall. Entry fee is $50. [Register]

Photos of bass caught during this competition may also be submitted to concurrent KBF Events:

  • September TX KBF State Challenges
  • KBF Pro Tour - Lake Fork, TX

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Anglers: 10
Fish Caught: 0
RkAnglerFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5Total
Jamie Broad
TourneyX Jamie BroadJ. Broad
Brad Case
TourneyX Brad CaseB. Case
Daniel Glenney
Daniel GlenneyD. Glenney
Dale Griffin
Dale GriffinD. Griffin
Roy Grubb
TourneyX Roy GrubbR. Grubb
Greg Hurt
TourneyX Greg HurtG. Hurt
Charles Jones
TourneyX Charles JonesC. Jones
Dwayne Taff
TourneyX Dwayne TaffD. Taff
Duc Tran
TourneyX Duc TranD. Tran
Brandon Utley
TourneyX Brandon UtleyB. Utley
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