201910 KBF Challenge Championship La Crosse

La Crosse, WI
October 18th 7:00 am - October 19th 3:30 pm Central, 2019 • Multi-Day Tournament


KBF Challenge Series Tournament Registrant affirms that he has read, understands, and as a condition of participation in the Event agrees to abide by KBF Competition Rules , which are in two parts:

Registrant further affirms that he has filled out, submitted, and agrees to the terms and conditions of the Kayak Bass Fishing Waiver & Release of Liability Agreement.

Eligibility: KBF 2019 Ambassador, Competitor or Lifetime Membership is required to register and compete in this 2019 KBF Challenge Series Championship. [Learn More] [Join KBF]

An optional side pot, the KBF Big Bass Brawl pays $50 hourly ($100 during the "Golden Hour"), additional $50 BONUS BUCKS Mystery Bass, $500 daily and another $500 overall. Entry fee is $50. [Register]

Photos of bass caught during this competition may also be submitted to concurrent KBF Events (if caught in eligible water for each State Challenge):

  • 201910 KBF TRAIL Championship La Crosse, WI
  • 201910 KBF Pro Tour Championship La Crosse, WI
  • 1910 WI KBF State Challenge October 2019
  • 1910 IA KBF State Challenge October 2019
  • 1910 MN KBF State Challenge October 2019

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