2020 OKFS Ontario Multispecies

April 1st 5:00 am - November 30th 1:00 pm Eastern, 2020 • Custom

COMPLETE EVENT INFO IS FOUND AT   http://www.ontariokayakfishingseries.com/ 

DATE: April 1st - November 30th

LOCATION: Province of Ontario

ELIGIBLE WATERS: All lakes, rivers, and public waters in Ontario

INELIGIBLE WATERS: any outside of the Ontario boundary


TARGET SPECIES: Bass, Esox, Panfish, Salmon, Trout +

RESTRICTIONS: Species must be listed to be eligible

LIMITS: 1 of each Target Species

FEE: $50



Online Format: Highest total length of each species combined

Live Date Format: 3 species per Live Date

Rules: OKFS General Rules and local rules and regulations

Scoring: TourneyX tourneyx.com/

Judging: End of each month

Entries: Cross-over OKFS tourney fish are allowed

Cash Prize: Pays out Top 7 (based on 40 anglers)

Payouts: 70-80% of entry fees

Qualifier: Top 3 Online and Live Date winners qualify for 2020 OKFS Championship Prize

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Matt Agar
Matt AgarM. Agar
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