2021 NAKA Tournament Trail - Guntersville Stop

May 22nd 6:30 am - May 22nd 3:30 pm 2021,  Central • 1 Day Tourney

A 2021 NAKA waiver form must be submitted in order to participate in any NAKA Event.  

We will be fishing Lake Guntersville from the Hwy 117 Bridge in Stevenson to the Guntersville dam. Any Public launch is approved. 

3 fish virtual stringer. Only black bass species. Pictures of fish will be scored down to the nearest 1/4 inch. Stringer length will be total length of angler 3 longest correctly submitted and scored fish. 

Virtual Captains meeting will be TBD on  Friday 21st

Weigh in  will be TBD on FB live Saturday 22nd at around 4:30 pm

If first time fishing with us. check out the video's on our YouTube channel for details that will help with some of our scoring nuances Including NO HANDS IN PICTURES AND REQUIRED BUMP STICKER



Payouts to placing anglers will be done via PayPal on Monday following the tournament.

Boondoggle ie Camping, "fine" dining and socializing will be held at Goose Pond campgrounds on Friday night.

Entry and Payout Details

Step 1. Download TourneyXPro app on your phone. TURN ON LOCATION SERVICES/GPS IN APP AND IN YOUR PHONE CAMERA.

Step 1A. Click "going" in the Facebook event for latest updates 

Step 2. Register for an account on TourneyXPro (app). Search NAKA and select this tournament. $40 entry (includes TourneyX fee and Big Bass Pot). Payout will be made via PayPal the Monday after the Tournament.

Step 3. Make sure your measuring board is NAKA Ready. All submissions must be pictured on a Hawg Trough or Ketch measuring Board including a NAKA BUMP STICKER (available under decals in the online store at www.nakatrail.com) and can be mailed to you. Anglers will be provided a 3 character code during Captain meeting video to write in on their bump sticker. It will be posted in this event thread and in TourneyX the evening before the tournament starts. NO BUMP STICKER, NO ENTRY. FISH WILL BE DQ'D

Step 4. Catch a fish, Photo it on your board, release the fish, submit your photo in TourneyXPro app. You will be scored by rounding down to the nearest 1/4 mark. All Black Bass species included. Fish needs to face left with the upper or lower lip touching the board. NO HANDS ON FISH IN PICTURES. WE WANT COMPLETELY UNOBSTRUCTED VIEW OF THE FISH. A hand on the fish will result in a DQ'd fish. ANGLERS MAY USE FISH GRIPS TO HOLD FISH ON BOARD BUT WE MUST BE ABLE TO SEE THE LIP TOUCHING THE BUMP. If we can not clearly determine that the lip is touching, we will access a 1" deduction.

Additional Details

3 Fish stringer, but ties go to 2nd fish so keep posting fish even if you cull. In the event of a tie, the two anglers' 2nd entered fish will be compared. If still tied, the angler's 3rd fish will be compared. If still tied, the two spots will be combined and paid out 50/50

A 2021 NAKA waiver form must be submitted in order to participate in any NAKA Event.  

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