Ascend Kayak Owners Online Tournament Fall Bass Bash 2020

October 31st 7:00 pm - November 29th 9:00 pm 2020,  Eastern • Custom
Ascend Kayak Owners Online Tournament Event.

This will be an online Kayak Bass tournament exclusively for Ascend Kayak Owners ONLY. This will be a month-long event with a 5 fish limit, total length wins. 1-3 place wins a cash prize. 

This is the first of hopefully many more and bigger tourneys to come for The Ascend Kayak Owner's family. 

Tourney Rules

* "On-Line" tourney open to Anglers anywhere in the U.S.A.!
The fish picture must be submitted within 24 hours of being caught
* Artificial Lures Only.
* Kayak needs to be visible in the picture.
* $35 entry fee

* $5 for "TourneyX" fee + $1.17 Paypal service fee.

*$5 to Kayak Fishing With Christ

* You may fish wherever you are "ALLOWED" trespassing No Private Waters or Ponds or River crossings.
* Largemouth Bass, Peacock Bass, Small-mouth Bass, Shoal Bass, Spotted
* Catch, Photo, Release.
* Closed mouth and natural lay, do not cover the gills or head of the fish also no pinched tail or holding down the tail.

* Hawg Throug Boards (Neon Green/yellow/white) lines must be marked in black, Ketch Boards 

.50" deduction for open mouth must be closed when laying on BUNK BOARD, NO HOOKS PLIERS or any kind of grips can be on the fish while it's on the measuring Board

*PFD Must be worn at all times while on the water. If anyone is found out to not be wearing their PFD it will be an immediate disqualification from this tournament. Every Angler is responsible to Check in on the app, and you must submit a selfie with your PFD on and the kayak in the background prior to your first day of Launch, you can submit the selfie as a picture like you would submit a fish with the measurement 0.10" 

* Identifier will be in the released day before the tournament. You can print it out or just write it on your hand, or a piece of paper. As long as all the letters are visible, and remember your hand or paper will get wet carry a marker with you or use a Ziploc bag to insert the ID in. 

* Anglers are being judged on the total length of their 5 Biggest Bass.
* In the event of a tie, times of pic submitted is the deciding factor.
* Top 3 Anglers in total length will be eligible for cash prizes.
* Cash Payout to Top 3 Anglers in "Overall Length".
* All prizes to be paid after the closing of the tournament. 
* Cash Prize can be paid via a check from Kayak Fishing With Christ, or Paypal only.


Here is how the Prize Breakdown will work...

1st Place - Wins 50% of the pot & Bass Pro Gift Card
2nd Place - Wins 30% of the pot & Bass Pro Gift Card
3rd Place - Wins 20% of the pot & Bass Pro Gift Card

Anglers may only fish out of Ascend Kayaks Only!

No Submissions To Show