Bass 4 Fun......Feb19-March19

February 1st 12:01 am - March 31st 11:59 pm Eastern, 2019 • Custom

Catch Photo Release online large & small mouth bass tournament.

You can fish public or private water using a boat,kayak, etc.. You may also fish from the bank.

Bass will be measured in inches, not weight.

Your 4 digit identifier code needs to be in every bass picture you submit on the TourneyX app or on the website.

Fish need to be measured from left to right with dorsal fin up. Starting from the mouth on the left and ending with the tail on the right. Please make sure your fish pictures are clear. Make sure some of the mouth and the beginning of the measuring device is visable. 

The fee for this tournament is to cover the TourneyX and Paypal costs.

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Anglers: 5
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Donald FernandezD. Fernandez
Chris Garcia
Chris GarciaC. Garcia
Victor Gonzalez
Victor GonzalezV. Gonzalez
Carlos Maldonado
Carlos MaldonadoC. Maldonado
River SmartR. Smart

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